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Baitzone Punch
By Tim Childs
elcome to this
m o n t h l y
series aimed
at passing on
a few tips and
ideas to get the best from some of the
products sold under the Essex based
Baitzone banner. Along with this I’ll
be covering my use of their products
and sharing with you some of the
captures I’ve experienced when
using the Baitzone gear.
Baitzone have been supplying
anglers with their quality range of
particles and associated products for
the last couple of years and their popularity has grown very quickly. I first
started to use their baits back in 2010
and quickly realised what an excellent range they had available. Ok, so
let’s get started, and this month I’m
going to cover my recent fishing with
bread sticks and the use of Baitzone’s
excellent Punch Crumb.
Over the last few winters, from time
to time, I’ve being messing around
with a variety of bread based products, and results have been pretty
good, certainly good enough to experiment more and perhaps encourage
others to try out this method. It was
whilst reading Lee Jackson’s excellent book ‘For the Record’ that it
made me look more at bread based
mixes. Lee used a similar method on
the ultra hard Conningbrook in Kent
and his results were very encouraging
to say the least. I was sure at the time
I could do something similar on some
of my local waters and began experimenting with a few bits and pieces.
My usual winter fishing these days
consists of day or short overnight sessions on a number of local day ticket
and club run venues. One of the
things that they all seem to have in
common is the fact that the public
(Top) Punch Crumb from Baitzone.
(Left) Sliced white bread – ideal for
the ‘sticks’.
(Right) Break up the bread ready to
have access to them, so inevitably
they see a number of dog walkers and
bird feeding families throwing untold
amounts of bread at our lovely feathered friends. Not all of this gets eaten
by the birds, and I’m convinced that
on some waters carp move in after
the birds have fed to clear up the leftovers from their daily feeding rituals.
It was this, and the thoughts from
Lee’s book, that made me look at
using bread as an attractor and incor-


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