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Baitzone Punch Crumb Tips
porating it into my own fishing. As we
all know bread is excellent as a carp
catcher and has being catching fish
for decades. Carp simply love the
stuff, and with a little thought it can
be a deadly method to use, especially
in the winter months.
Ok, so how do we go about creating the perfect bread snack and trap?
Well, firstly thanks to that wonderful
product called PVA we can do a
whole number of things with small or
light baits like bread, and just as Lee
found, the now popular ‘stick method’
is perfect for the angler looking to use
bread in his approach. Just make up a
PVA bag of breadcrumb and drop it
into the margins to see how it
explodes and spreads across the bottom, leaving a pile of attraction with
little or no food to fill up the fish. To
me this is the ideal winter trap especially when fishing for just a few
In The Mix
When it comes to making up my
bread mix then firstly I take a few
pieces of plain white sliced bread and
blend it into a fine powder with the
aid of an electric blender. I like to
leave the crusts on as this helps make
the mix buoyant, which is something
I really like. When baiting with these
sticks they tend to float for a few seconds then slowly descend, exploding
on impact with the lakebed. This now
forms the basis of my stick or bag
mix. To this I usually like to add a little
of Baitzone’s PVA-friendly hempseed,
as this adds a little crunch and gives
the mix an added extra boost. Even
when using just a few grains of hemp
you get a lovely oil explosion leaking
off the mix when it’s disturbed. Baitzone have recently added a few new
baits to their range in the form of their
Punch Crumb mixes. These are available in plain, hemp, corn or tiger nut
versions and are again ideal to add to
the bread. As you can see it’s the
white attractive theme that I like to
keep to, as I’m convinced that this
colour plays a major factor, especially
in the cold weather.
Of course these are just my preferences, so feel free to experiment with
all types of baits, boilie crumb or extra
additives. Whilst bread on its own is
fine, the addition of a few extra bits
can be the key to getting those fish
searching around after the initial
attraction has gone.
Give ‘Em Some Sticks
When it comes to adding extra
crumb into the swim then PVA mesh
bags are ideal. They can be made up
at home and sealed in a bag or bucket
and either catapulted or thrown in by
hand if fishing close in. If you’re casting further out then simply unclip
your hooklink and hook on a small
bag. A couple of casts will get you
going and you can add as many bags
as you feel necessary. I usually start
with three golf ball bags around each
hookbait and go from there. Remember though I’m usually fishing short
(Top left) Bread crumb and Punch
Crumb blends.
(Top right) PVA mesh is an ideal way
to present bread sticks.
(Bottom left) Baitzone’s oily hemp is
an ideal addition to the mix.
(Bottom right) Ready prepared sticks
and bags.


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