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Baitzone Punch Crumb Tips
sessions in the winter so I’m relying
on firstly being on or near fish, and
secondly I’m looking for a quick bite
so I like to keep disturbance and food
to a minimum.
Rig Choice
When it comes to fishing bread
sticks then nothing fancy is really
needed in the way of rigs. I usually
use my standard soft-coated hooklink
and lead clip setup. I do like to use
buoyant baits and I’ll usually start off
with small pop-ups fished just half an
inch or so off the bottom, just enough
to sit up over the white crumb.
Proof In The Pudding
Recently I took myself off to Cuttle
Mill Fisheries in the Midlands, a
favourite venue of mine in the colder
months. It was here that I
wanted to give the bread sticks
a go as even though it’s not
really a park venue it seemed
an ideal place to gauge the
fish’s reaction to the method.
After all it’s a little different
from the normal approach, and
I was sure the bread sticks
would have been little used if
at all, despite the Mill’s popularity. After baiting a couple of
marginal spots in a quiet corner with golf ball sized bags of
bread and Punch Crumb mix I
got a hookbait in position, and within
a couple of hours I’d banked a chunky
mirror of over 20lb, which fell to a little
white trimmed down pop-up and the
bread stick combination. The interesting point for me was that when I
landed the fish the hook was easily
three inches back down its throat; in
fact I could only just touch it with the
tip of my finger – sure proof of confident feeding. I’ve used the bread
sticks a few times since and the
results are certainly good enough for
If you’re struggling to get a few
bites during the cold, or perhaps your
venue is a haven for wildlife and sees
its fare share of bread thrown into the
water, then give the bread sticks a go.
The range of Punch Crumb baits from
Baitzone are an ideal addition. n
(Top left) Small white pop-ups make
ideal hookbaits.
(Above) I favour low level pop-ups
when using the bread sticks.
(Below) Proof of how effective bread
sticks can be – this was the only bite
of the day on a busy day ticket venue.


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