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The Big Common
straightening and sinking the line, I
placed the rod on the buzzer locked
up and began setting up the rest of
my tackle and rods. Shortly after this
the rod just positioned with the spoon
gave a series of bleeps and stopped.
Just as I was about to continue setting up the other rod the swinger
lifted about 2ins and stayed up. Hitting it, I found myself attached to a
hard fighting common that tipped the
scales to 27lbs and which I was
chuffed with, as the venue was fishing slow. I’d found when fishing in the
winter previously that when takes do
come they normally come quickly and
close together, so repeating the same
tactic as before with the spoon I
quickly repositioned the rod on the
same spot with another handful of
Cell, which resulted in another common not long after weighing 25lb 6oz,
which left my confidence sky high.
Throughout the rest of the day that
rod produced a further four bites – a
23lb common, a 26lb 8oz linear, a nice
dark common weighing in 29lb 4oz,
and a fish lost due to a hook pull. With
five fish total in a day being an
unheard of occurrence on this pit, I
was over the moon to have had five to
myself in the winter. The carp were
on the feed and definitely waking up,
as another angler had also managed a
30lb 14oz common, which was a confidence booster and a good start
heading towards the spring.
Planning to return next weekend
for an overnighter, I phoned up one of
the bailiffs to see how busy it was
over on Pit 3. He replied, “Since you
had those fish its been pretty busy,”
so I decided to stay away and return a
few days later midweek for an
overnighter and set up in a swim
called the Pub swim, as the Boaty
was taken and a lot of bait had gone
in there. This session I managed a
30lb 10oz mirror known as Mick’s
Fish, once again on a trustworthy Cell
bottom bait.
I returned the following week to
find the Boaty was again taken, and I
was told by the angler fishing it that
the lad who had managed the 30lb
14oz common the same day as my
captures had caught the Big Headed
out of the Boaty swim at 34-plus
meaning one of my four targets had
been banked.
Not too phased by this, I headed off
to the other end of the lake, as I still
had three to fish for. I set up in the
Treeline swim and positioned three
rods down to the right hand side far
margin using similar tactics using the
baiting spoon, all fished over a bed of
Cell with Cell bottom baits. One of my
spots had a branch running out,
which prevented you casting close to
the far bank, but with a walk round to
the far bank with a rod and a spool of
leadcore I managed to hook the
branch and bring it back to the far
margin and tie it to the far margin
bank with leadcore to make the cast
possible without damaging or snapping any branches. This meant one of
my spots was pretty much unfished
due to that branch, and the results
that followed on that rod were phenomenal.
The first day passed without a bite
or any sign of movement. My confidence was starting to fall, which had
me thinking, “I wonder if the lad in the
Boaty is packing up in the morning.”
At about 11.30 that night I had my
first take resulting in a mid-twenty,
which left me happy, as it was on the
rod where I’d had to tie the branch
back to position a hookbait, which
meant that take was the direct result
of my efforts with the branch. Two
quick night shots taken by the bailiff’s
stepson “Little Paul” and the fish was
returned, and I was back in the bag


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