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Made In England
template such a thing – let’s hope, for
the carp’s sake, that this course of
action is not viewed as anywhere
near sensible. If a lake’s going to be
closed to angling then so be it. Let the
fish enjoy a period of peace and tranquillity and hope that, in a few years,
somebody else takes it over and
decides to reopen it for angling.
Trust me; I’m not happy about the
likes of Wraysbury, Burghfield, Sutton
and Yateley being lost to angling for-
ever, but unless somebody with very
deep pockets and a deep-rooted love
of angling comes along, cape fluttering, to save us then there is very little
that you or I could do about it. It
would be nice to think that a few
tackle giants, who have made a tidy
living out of angling, could come to a
group agreement to sort out the situation, but I think that’s a very simplistic wish that would be remarkable if it
came true. For now, all the conjecture
and hyperbole in the world isn’t going
to change the situation, so rather than
twitter on about it, I suggest you go
I did – go fishing, that is. Actually, I
used the fact that I needed to see
Mark to put the final touches to his
book as an excuse to get down there
on Thursday, instead of Friday. Well,
not quite Thursday, more Wednesday
evening! What was I going to do, wait
for the alarm clock to sound at four in
the morning, or leave at six the previous evening and get there by nine?
No contest, really. That said, I didn’t
get the rods out until the following
afternoon, but that was all part of the
plan. I had a walk round the lake in
the dark and sprinkled a bit of bait in
a couple of areas I fancied, then I got
my bedchair and bag and slept in the
hut, waking at about 7.30. I was due
at Mark’s at 9 so I had another short
stroll before adjourning to Skeff’s
We were tantalisingly close to the
conclusion of the book, but Mark was
sort of stuck on the last chapter, and
(Top) Mark with a consolation 23lb
(Left) The days were getting longer,
but the nights were still cool.


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