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Made In England
A 23lb common that left me headless and almost legless!
had been for a week or so. I’d asked
him previously what the last photo
was going to be and he declared,
quite confidently, ‘Ashmead’s first
forty-pound common!’ With three fish
within ounces of that target last year,
it is reasonable to assume that the
forty-pound limit for a common will
be surpassed at some point this year,
and Mark didn’t care who caught it,
although if it was him it would be the
perfect full stop (just like when Rob
caught Bazil).
A week prior to my visit, Mark had
spent a few hours walking round the
lake and had spotted the Heart Tail
Common slowly circumnavigating a
small bay. He watched for an hour or
so and saw a couple of spots it kept
visiting, so sprinkled a little bait on
Jody with JC last year at 39 – it looked bigger when I saw it.
them and then prepared for the night,
knowing full well that Heart Tail could
easily eclipse the forty-pound barrier.
At two in the morning he had a
screaming take and was into a fish
that powered behind a small island
before burying itself in the weed.
Despite constant pressure, the fish
was immovable, so Mark put the rod
down and ran half a mile to where the


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