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Made In England
Not just rock lobsters in Cornwall – Lee Whitfield with a scaly 34lb mirror.
immediately lunged forward and
managed to get his arms around the
fish, but with one beat of its huge tail
it was out of his grasp and gone.
What do you say?
After Roy trudged away I sat for a
few minutes and wondered how I
would have felt, and really, really
prayed that I would never find out.
I positioned the baits as per my
plan, and, like all good plans… nothing happened. Not a single bleep.
Should I have moved down to them?
Was I too lazy to move, or too content
with the previous night’s result? Ifs,
buts and maybes – just imagine
which one of those was going
through Roy’s head that night. I was
off the next morning, but at least they
were starting to get their heads
down, and within a fortnight I would
be back. The following weekend (last
Friday) Jody had a wonderful 29lb linear, but, as yet, nothing else has been
out. It’s Tuesday evening, the weather
is beginning to settle, and I’m off on
Friday morning. Forty-pound com-
mons, mmmmmm! (Just returned and
have witnessed Ashmead’s first fortypound common – stunning photos
and story next month).
I probably won’t have a photo
before this goes to the printers, but I
hear that the Parrot from Wasing was
caught last week at just over sixty
pounds. Apart from the obvious
‘Wow!’ that goes with that statement,
I find it very interesting that, last
October, Single Scale and the Parrot
were caught within days of each
other, and if Roy’s grasp could have
been just a little firmer, the same
thing would have happened again.
Big fish time, as Lee Jackson calls it,
but what is it? It can’t just be the
weather; that will affect different
lakes differently across the country.
Moon phases are something to think
about, and those in the know would
have an idea when and where, but
even that is a fickle science. There is
obviously something to it, but when it
boils down to it most of us can only
go when we can go; we don’t get to
pick and choose. Even if we knew the
‘secret time’ to within 24 hours,
would we be able to get to the lake at
the right time, in the right swim? The
variables are numerous, and could
send you slightly batty in their calculation, so for now I’ll just keep plugging away in the time that I get, and
enjoy it just the same.
Lots of people enjoying themselves
at the moment; none more than Ian
Stott who just continues to catch and
catch and catch. In a recent trip to
Welly he exceeded even his expectations when he landed a couple of forties within 24 hours, but not just any
old forties. His first was a 42lb mirror,
but his second was something he’s
craved for years (the same as most of
us) and was his first forty-pound common. But at 47lb, it was some fortypound common. Well done, mate; a
stupendous result and well worth the
expense in the long run. Leon
Williams is planning on making his
time on Longfield Road Lake productive, just in case things go pear-


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