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Made In England
shaped, and his capture of a lovely
37lb mirror went some way to doing
The big’uns are starting to make
themselves catchable again, and they
don’t come a lot bigger than Buttons
out of Menards. James de Luzy
caught her five years ago at 33lb, but
recently he’s been putting in a bit of
time on the lake and catching consistently, and his persistence paid off
when he netted the big mirror at
54½lb, and she certainly looks in fine
nick. Another angler who has put in
some time in search of his target is
Mark Edgeley, who has been fishing
Monk’s Pit in Cambridgeshire for
quite a few seasons, and has caught
quite a few of the bigger fish in that
time, but the Big Simmo had eluded
him, until now. At 51½lb, not only was
it a personal best, but it was a lake
record as well, so well done fella.
Another guy who caught the lake’s
biggest carp, and a personal best to
boot, was James Taylor when he
landed a 44¾lb mirror from Walthamstow No 2. It was part of a six-fish
catch in 24 hours and was another
great result.
As usual, there have been a few
lovely commons getting caught (and
lost), and here’s just a small selection.
Nick Upton tackled one of the many
Northants gravel pits and came away
with a brace of thirties, topped by a
cracking 36½lb common. Also, the
Shropshire meres have been producing some lovely fish, and Nick Burrage, who has appeared in here a few
times over the past year, came up
trumps with a lovely common of just
over 39lb. Owen Sayles has been
enjoying some great action close to
his Hampshire home, with stunning
captures of both commons and mirrors. He’d been baiting an area close
to an old sunken umbrella, and over a
couple of sessions he landed a number of carp, topped by a cracking 30lb
linear and an equally stunning 38lb
common. For the common alone you
deserve the Spirit Level Award, but
the linear just seals the deal – well
done, mate.
To finish with, a couple of corkers…
Dean Goodwill got his just rewards
after travelling from Somerset to
Stoneacres when he caught the awesome Ironing Board at 42lb – incredible fish! And equally incredible was
the 34lb scaly beast that Lee Whitfield
caught from a Cornish lake, both wonderful carp.
So, the cogs of big business churn
inexorably onwards, and it will be
interesting to see how the Cemex situation pans out. Even whilst writing
this, I’ve had two conversations about
it that have thrown up totally different
possible scenarios. I think I’ll just get
a few pinches of salt ready over the
next few months, and wait until the
final whistle has blown to see what
the result is. Meanwhile, follow the
wind, the moon, the bloke in front;
whatever floats your boat, but just
enjoy it, whatever you do. n
weren’t disappointed. They were on
for an hour and were just brilliant;
Pete Shoulder has the most amazing
voice and the band, fronted by Luke
Morley are just so tight. They played
songs from both albums and I
couldn’t say that any one song stood
out; they were all just great and I look
forward to seeing them again when
they next tour.
The Answer are pure eyeballs-out
rock, and you know what you’re get-
Out of the Blue
ut of the blue. No,
not the classic ELO
album but the
chance to go and
see a couple of great
bands in a small
venue in Brighton. Julian Cundiff had
introduced me to Dave Bedford at the
Five Lakes show. Dave is the manager
of Irish rock band The Answer, and he
kindly provided us with some limited
edition discs and vinyl for an auction
we’ll be doing soon. I knew the band
was touring with The Union, and that
they were finishing their tour at a
small venue in Brighton – Concorde 2.
The tickets had long since sold out
but when I mentioned it to Dave he
said, ‘Oh, I’ll just put you on the guest
list’ – sorted.
Pete and I went along, and I was
really looking forward to seeing The
Union. Their first album was brilliant,
and I’d heard enough of their second
album, Siren Song, to know that
would be equally as good. And we
The Answer – pure rock ‘n’ roll.


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