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Made In England
Panic Room – a surprisingly lovely
ting from the very first chord – brilliant guitar and rhythm, and scorching vocals. They played for a little over
an hour but in such a small space it
felt like double that. All in all, a real
out of the blue, but incredibly enjoyable evening.
The following week we were off to
Brighton again, this time to see Joe
Bonamassa at the Centre. Sir Pete
accompanied Ben, Porky and me, and
we were all pretty chuffed with the
seats, which were no more than ten
yards from the stage. Having last seen
Joe in October, I didn’t expect any
surprises, but how wrong I was. He
truly is one of the greatest guitarists
I’ve ever seen, and he just seems to
get better and better every time you
see him. The thing is, although he
may play the same songs, they
always have a different arrangement
so are really fresh and exciting. The
new drummer certainly adds to the
p o w e r o f t h e b a n d, a n d t h e
guitar/drum battle at the beginning of
Young Man Blues was brilliant. As
with The Union, it’s difficult to pick
out a favourite tune with Joe. The ten
minutes of acoustic guitar leaves you
open mouthed and trying to see
where the other fingers are! Young
Man Blues is such a great blend of
rock and blues, and Mountain Time
always leaves me on the edge of
tears. But then he throws in beautiful
versions of Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a
Wire, and Gary Moore’s Midnight
Blues – it’s just impossible to choose.
In my opinion, and those of everybody
who sees him on the tour, you’d have
to say he is one of the best tickets
around, and when he tours again later
in the year, which he surely will, I’ll be
right up there again. Simply stunning.
Prior to the show I’d bought Black
Country Communion Live, and that
sure is some album, with Joe’s guitar
and Jason Bonham’s drums the perfect backing for Glenn Hughes’ brilliant vocals. As a double album, it is
well worth the outlay – give it a go.
Another album that caught my eye
was Satellite by Panic Room. I’d heard
a track by them on a freebie CD so, I
thought I’d give them a go, but was
Bonamassa – he just
gets better and better.
The Union – great album, great live
not quite expecting the outcome. I
was led to believe they were a prog
rock band, but on the evidence of this
CD they are nothing of the sort. What
they are is a great band with an
incredible female vocalist in AnneMarie Helder. Some of it is quite
rocky, and some pretty mellow, but
what comes through most is AnneMarie’s beautiful, powerful voice. A
surprisingly good album that is well
worth a punt, and a band I’d really like
to see live.
Lastly this month, someone I’m
going to see live shortly, and that’s
Bruce Springsteen. His new album,
Wrecking Ball, sees him back in the
‘Born in the USA’ frame of mind –
sticking up for the working man and
berating authority in all its guises.
There are a couple of run-of-the-mill
tracks on there, but on the whole the
Boss is back in town and I’m sure
he’ll run through a few tracks on tour,
which I’m really starting to look forward to.
There are a couple more albums
I’ve purchased recently, but it’ll take a
couple of round trips to Ashmead to
get me into them, so I’ll let you know
about them next month. In the meantime, ‘Please turn me over.’ n
Bruce – Born in the USA again.


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