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Rotary Letter
The Big Carp
Rotary Letter
Here are the questions in brief that you the readers emailed in following issue 193. Don’t forget to
email any further questions to
1) I am having a real problem at the moment with fish coming off right at the
net! I have had to go up in lead size to a 4oz to reach the fish and I am using
a size 6 hook. In fact I’ve tried a couple of patterns thinking it may be the
hooks, but it’s not helped. I have never had this problem before, and have
used similar tackle in the past without losing any. I’m probably losing one in
five, and it’s usually the bigger ones that are coming off... Help! I’m going
crazy! M. Marshall, Notts.
2) I would like to ask the Rotarians (sorry, Dave) how they go about baiting and
fishing a lake with loads of nuisance fish that is so full of naturals the fish
don’t need our bait? Thanks, Rob Boycee, Norfolk.
3) Mosquito nightmare! They love me and it’s ruining the fishing on the lake
I’m fishing (very swampy!). I’ve tried everything but the bites are soooo bad
I can hardly walk sometimes and they are very persistent – often surfacing
again and again over a week or so. H. Lightfoot, Coventry.
4) I’m having a real problem with coots picking my hookbait up at dawn every
morning! The bait’s been out all night; it’s all looking good for an early morning take, but the bloody things start picking it up and they are very persistent. H.Rodgers, Hants.
5) The fish on my lake are really into the bloodworm beds at the moment and
they won’t look a boilie. I would like to ask the Rotarians if they have ever
tried using bloodworm as bait, and if so which rig would they suggest?
Rob Maylin
1) So to question 1… You say you
have gone up to 4oz leads to reach
the fish but you didn’t say if you had
stepped up the test curve of your
rods. Stiffer rods with a small hook
will definitely pop a few hooks out
close in. Likewise it depends on the
lead arrangement, i.e. if you are using
a helicopter style rig with the lead
below the hook link or a traditional
with the lead above the link. With the
lead below there’s more of
a chance. I assume the
hook holds are generally
good and that the fish’s
months on the whole are
not adversely damaged...
Fish with badly damaged
mouths can often mean the
hook nicks into a bit of
loose flesh, which makes
the mouth damage get
w o r s e a n d w o r s e. O n e
solution that I came up
(Above and below) Sorry for banging
on about it, but it’s the answer!
Big rods, big leads and small hooks are a total mismatch.


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