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Rotary Letter
It’s not only the mossies that are big
at Gillhams!
with when experiencing this type of
problem a while ago was to use a tiny
elastic shock absorber built into the
hooklink, and by using Nash Triggalink the small exposed section of
elastic cushioned the ‘banging’ of the
heavy lead close in – definitely worth
a try.
2 & 5) I’m putting these two
together because my answer is the
same for both and I’ve never used
bloodworms, but when the fish are on
the naturals nothing works like maggots... Get on the mag-aligner.
3) They like me too, and the only
stuff I’ve found to be any good is the
stuff I brought back from Stuart Gillham’s lake in Thailand. You could try
emailing him and see if he can sort
some out for you. All those Jungle
Formulas etc are rubbish, even the
extra strong stuff – I think they like it,
Coot heaven – the far margins of the very shallow Yateley Pad Lake.
as I seem to get bitten worse with it
on. The mossies in Thailand are the
size of bats but the spray he supplies
in the orange tin gets rid of them, and
the cream in the small green tin cures
any bites instantly and forever. I know
that Deet really does the job, but it’s
illegal most places.
4) Oh my god! I used to tear my
hair out on the Car Park Lake every
morning, like you say, right at bite
o’clock – bloody nightmare! Apparently dark baits or nuts are tampered
with less, but I really don’t know a
way around them, and I certainly
don’t want to be responsible for a
countrywide massacre of coots. I’ll be
interested to hear what the other
guys have to say.
I remember this hookbait was picked up a dozen times before this one finally ate
Ed Betteridge
I missed last month’s BCRL so that
others could catch up, and I must
admit I felt a tad envious that a couple
of the lads were away on holiday. I
haven’t been abroad for a “conventional holiday” for a while. I used to
get bored sitting on a beach, but I’m
warming to the idea now to get away
from the stresses of life. I doubt it
would be relaxing though, as having a
young family in tow can turn the most
chilled out situation into bedlam!
I like Rob’s thoughts from a couple
of months ago where he talks about
watching the increasing ripple hit an
Island etc and then look to the side of
the rings to gauge the distance. I
might have to use that myself. Lee
mentioned bait boats on the same
topic of getting tight to islands. I have
to fully agree with him that it takes
the skill out of the sport, and I have
seen them driven into some very
dodgy areas where you shouldn’t
really put a lead. I suppose the other
issue is that I carry too much stuff and
a bait boat will only add to that,
which is not what I need. I must
admit I look at lakes where bait boats
are allowed completely differently.
Normally I would put a lead as tight to
an island as I can, and I really back my
casting for this, but I can’t complete
with a boat, so I look at other options.
Lee also mentioned using a range
finder or Google Earth for getting a
distance. Can I just add that if you do
this then allow a few more yards to
your clip to encompass the bow in the
line, and even more so if the there is a
It’s good to know that other people


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