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Rotary Letter
The plain coated lead bends in nicely.
are more disorganised that me. There
is no way that my tackle box can beat
Lee’s rig bits from 1980 – I was only
five years old back then! Talking
about rig bits, Lee asked if some of
the coated leads were harmful to the
fish in terms of abrasion. I must admit
I have never thought of this before,
and I will have a play with some next
time I go to the tackle shop. I haven’t
used textured leads since 2007 when
I had some leads made up for a
Cambs water to suit the pale grey
gravel, but I found that they really
stood out on Stoneacre’s yellowy
gravel bars, so much so that I binned
them off. I found that the normal coating on the Korda leads blends in
much better into a variety of bottoms
than any sandy textured leads,
regardless of colour.
Losing fish at the net can be an
issue; it’s the time when least line is
out and therefore less stretch to soak
up the head shakes and lunges from
the fish. It is also the time when your
attention isn’t fully on the rod – half
your efforts are normally on positioning the net. It always seems that people lose the big ones too; whether this
is down to size perception of the fish
or the fact we all consciously or subconsciously play the fish differently
when we know it’s a good one, either
playing it very softly and letting the
hook hold wear loose or giving it a bit
more stick to get it over the net cord
quicker and risk pulling out a shallow
hold. From what you said about using
4oz leads to hit the distance, I assume
you have some pretty meaty rods. If
this is the case try to err on the side of
caution once the fish gets in close
and loosen the clutch a little.
The only time I have had any
noticeable trouble with playing fish
close in is when there has been weed
involved, and it’s in these situations
that a lead ejection system is a must.
This can be done for most rigs these
days, whether you use a lead clip,
wrap over in-line, chod dropper or
weak link system. If there isn’t any
weed present and the water is of
moderate to high stock then I would
suggest you probably don’t want to
dump the lead unless it becomes
snagged. A fish can be played with-
The Edge – full of natural extracts,
including plenty of GLM.
out risk of hook pulls even with a big
lead still attached. The only times
when the lead staying on in weedless
waters is an issue is with either a long
hook length or with a very short one
such as a choddy, but even then
things can be done such as putting
the lead on a tail, similar to a paternoster rig. I have recently done some
filming with Matt Eaton on chod rig
fishing and there will be eight or nine
two-minute clips on YouTube by the
time this magazine hits the shelves
and some of the tips are very useful.
Fishing a water full of naturals can
be an issue and by far the best time to
fish these lakes is in spring before the
insects and molluscs have had
chance to take over. On a bait front,
try using a boilie that contains a high
amount of natural ingredients. There are a few out
there that contain dried
green lipped mussel, krill,
squid etc but Aqua
Dynamix have gone one
step further and found a
way of preserving liquid
natural extracts. In each
one of their boilies there is a
high content of liquidised,
pasteurised, natural extract.
The Edge contains GLM
(both liquid dry) and the
Maggot, Worm and Oyster
are self-explanatory. Sorry
for the blatant plug, but I
think it really makes a difference.
Mosquitoes seem to be
big a bigger issue this year
than they have been for a
long while. Maybe it’s the
muggy, humid conditions or
maybe it’s more to do with
The hook came out in the net on this fish – would I have lost it if I had played it any differently? the waters I’m fishing this


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