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Rotary Letter
Although not the clearest of pictures,
you can actually see the snails
heading towards the bait in this shot.
Q2 from Rob in Norfolk regarding
high level of naturals in his water…
When it comes to my fishing, I don’t
really care too much whether the lake
is full of naturals or not as I still fish it
with boilie, as that is what I always
do. I personally feel that if you give
them enough of a good quality bait
then they will soon get turned over on
to your bait. Look at it this way –
would you rather to eat a big fat juicy
steak with a knife and fork that’s full
of goodness or a bowl of rice with a
cocktail stick that gives you the same
goodness? Boilies are a hell of a lot
easier for the fish to eat and get their
goodness rather than eating millions
of tiny snails in order to get the same
On my first session over on Roach
Pit, the water was absolutely full of
naturals from shrimps to tiny snails,
and when I saw this I thought that it
was going to be really tough to get a
bite. Now this is in no way intended
as a blatant plug, but I dropped some
of the new Krill bait that is currently
under test by Sticky Baits to see how
it reacted in the water. What I saw
just a couple of hours later showed
me just how good the bait was, as it
had attracted all manner of naturals to
the point that the boilie was hardly
visible because of the large quantity
of tiny snails etc on them. This told
me just how good the bait is, and I
was totally confident in using the
boilies. I will openly admit that I’ve
been piling the boilies into the lake
from the start, but doing this has got
me 15 bites on the tricky Pit in just
seven weeks, and this during a time
when naturals are at a high and you
would expect bites to be few and far
So although fish don’t need our bait
it clearly shows that they still want it!
Q3 from H Lightfoot in Coventry
regarding mosquitoes. This time of
year is a bloody nightmare for the
mozzies but this year seems to be
even worse than usual. I think this is
due to the wet spring and early part of
the summer we had. The water levels
are up on most lakes and there are a
lot more boggy areas – places the
mozzies love.
Firstly get yourself a decent
mozzies net to go over your brolly, or
if your bivvy has a fitted one then
make sure you use it. Both Jack Pike
and JRC do decent mosquito nets
that fit 99% of brollies and they really
do make a difference. Light a citrus
candle inside the meshed brolly as
the mozzies don’t like the smell and
stay away. It will also kill any mozzies
that are still under the brolly when
you fit the mesh on. Get yourself
some Jungle Formula spray or cream
and make sure you keep your skin
well covered in it. The high amount of
Deet that’s in it keeps the mozzies
away. Try to get the rods out first
though if possible, as you don’t want
it masking your hook baits.
Lastly use a mozzie coil. From as
little as £1.99 for ten they are a bargain. They burn for around six hours
each, and all the time they are burning you don’t get any problems from
the mozzies. They are known to give
you a headache though so try not to
have it in your face all night, as it
could make you feel a bit rough and
the dreams that you get after inhaling
the smoke are mental. A way round
this is to have the coils higher up outside the brolly on either a stick or in
one of the coil holders that are available. Don’t discard the coils around
the lake though, as the chemical in
them is detrimental to water life.
Q4, coot problems from Mr H.
Rodgers in Hants… You are never
going to get round the problem of
coots picking up hook baits unless
you are allowed to shoot them, and I
doubt that’s going to happen on most
waters. A coot picking up your bait
just goes to show that it’s presented
ok and nine times out of ten, provided
the bait stays on, then it will settle
back down and still be presented. If
you want to scare the coots off
though then a green laser pen will
help to a point, as they seem to spook
off the beam, but you have to be up
early and ready with the pen for when
they start, and you can’t spend your
morning doing that. You can pick a
good laser pen up off the Internet for
around a tenner. Don’t shine them at
the other anglers though, as I’m sure
a smack in the mouth will hurt and
definitely don’t shine them at planes
unless you want to get nicked and
Meshing your baits will get round
Yateley Car Park’s Big Common. Caught while coots were diving on the bait.


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