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Rotary Letter
A single hi-viz pop-up has worked for
me in the past.
After a run of lost fish a change to a
size 4 hook helped land this 40lb-plus
that size 6 to a size 4, which could
solve the problem. Have you tried
lengthening the hooklink or indeed
shortening it? A combination of these
solutions, or just one of them, could
solve the problem in its entirety.
Whatever happens, it’s not acceptable to lose one in five fish. You have
to keep trying these little fixes until
you hit it just right. I’m sure the other
Rotarians will have their own pieces
of advice and wisdom that will help
you too – just keep trying until you
stop losing them.
Question 2
It’s quite a tough one fishing a lake
full of naturals where they don’t have
to pick up our baits, but there are a
couple of things that I have tried over
the years on such lakes with relative
success. Location is always going to
be key, as it is with all my fishing – if
you can find them then you may be
If they’re on these then it becomes
very difficult to tempt them.
urals that the fish don’t need or want
boilies in their diet. This may change
over time by introducing them on a
regular basis. I have seen it happen
on the hardest of waters where once
they didn’t look twice at a
boilie. But for the problem
that you have now I would try
a two-pronged attack. Firstly
I would fish a bright, high
attract single pop-up with an
attractor package that you
know works or has worked for
you before on other lakes. You
don’t want to be messing
around trying things out on a
venue like this.
Secondly I would cast this
A fish in close feeding on naturals.
single to any signs of fish. It’s lots of
able to tempt one into making a mishard work moving maybe four or five
take. I have found that by being
times a day or night to get on the fish
mobile and observant at all times, and
and hound them into picking up that
having the will to move onto any
single bait, but it depends how much
signs of fish will increase your
you want it. In the meantime I would
chances, not only on lakes like this
also walk round the lake introducing
but on all lakes. Look in all the nooks
single bottom baits of the same
and crannies and build up a picture of
attractor package. Literally catapult
what their movements are, which will
or stick out only one bait in various
at least put you in the right place to
areas around the lake. I have found
be able to present a bait to them.
this works a treat as wherever they go
It’s evident with these types of
they will come across one of these
lakes from the pure abundance of natsingle baits and believe me they will
start to investigate
them and in time eat
the odd one without
We are not trying
to bait up on a mass
scale here but get
the fish used to seeing our bait on a regular basis without
suspicion. It only
takes one of them to
be picked up, and it
could be your hookI have found mass baiting is not always the answer on rich
bait that gets picked


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