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Rotary Letter
There’s not a fish in the land that
wouldn’t eat one of these.
up in the future. I look at it being like
a sweet to them; like a treat you
might say. They will be floating
around eating naturals and suddenly
come across a single sweet to eat –
how can they resist? If this doesn’t
work, then I don’t know a fish alive
that won’t pick up a tiger nut – again
catch one of these fish that I presume
don’t visit the bank very often if at all.
Question 3
Blimey, it seems you have a real bad
mozzie problem on that lake you are
fishing! All I can advise on is what has
worked for me in the past. Some people swear by eating garlic or rubbing
it on your body. Various lotions from
Boots also seem to work on some
people and not on others, but what I
have I used myself is Avon Skin So
Soft solution. I’m not sure where you
can get hold of this, as I get the missus to get it for me, but everyone gets
the Avon lady round at some point. I
can see the look on my other half’s
face now when I was flicking through
the Avon catalogue, which in itself
she found highly amusing, and she
was very suspicious when I asked if
she could get me some Avon Skin So
Soft solution. Blimey did I get a look of
“What are you up to?” But seriously,
this stuff does seem to work on me
and others that have tried it. It must
have something in it they just don’t
like, and the bonus is it makes your
skin soft!
Something else I do in the warmer
months to combat these little critters
is to get some of those camping
mozzie coils and place one at either
end of the bedchair on the floor. These
will keep the mozzies away. I even
use a holder that keep the mozzie
coils all shut away that I can tie up in
Mozzie coils placed up in your brolly
work very well to deter them.
the arms of the brolly. Every mozzie
that manages to get through the
cloud of smoke these kick up will get
put off by the Avon solution. I’m sure
the other Rotarians will have some
worthy solutions and potions to try.
Question 4
This is a very interesting question, I
don’t think there is a carp angler up
and down the country that hasn’t had
problems at one time with our feathered friends either picking up our
hook baits, or the gulls stopping us firing a few freebies into our area.
There are quite a few things we can
Arma Meshed particles has also
worked well for me in the past.
not mass baiting, but the odd one
flicked in the swim you are fishing
will get them tuned into them and
picking up your hookbait. You can
also try sweetcorn, maize, worms,
cockles or a couple of peanuts on the
hook. I’ve used all these with some
A nice little trick is to wrap your
choice up in Fox’s impressive Arma
Mesh. This is a really nice little edge
where you can present any type of
bait you wish. For sure something will
take their fancy, so just keep on trying
and you will hit upon something that
they will tune into. It will be hard
work for sure but the rewards are
there, and what an achievement to
Well worth putting up with the mozzies with this capture from an infested


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