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Rotary Letter
I choose carefully when to bait up
when ducks or gulls are around.
reading the angling press that some
very big players, namely Sports Direct
and Go Outdoors have come into the
market, and I’m sure that others will
follow in the future. I have heard that
Tesco and Sainsbury’s are considering it. What do the Rotarians think
about this? Is it a good thing, as it will
undoubtedly push down the price of
fishing tackle, but at what price? We
might lose the small tackle shop that
we like to pop into time and time
again for a cuppa and a chat and find
out what’s new and what’s happening in the area. Is this a good thing
that the big players are joining the
industry or could it be the end of it?
tance-wise then pick a rig
that is always presented
perfectly. Try something
like a hinged stiff rig or if
you can get to the spot
comfortably then a small
PVA stick threaded down
the hook link always guarantees perfect presentation. If you are using a
chod rig then change it, as
that would explain everything. Hook pulls are quite
common and it will only be
exaggerated with a bigger lead. Good
Question 2
I have had this problem a few times
and the way I combat it is to use a
Jamie Clossick
Question 1
I have used 4oz leads for a long, long
time and I can’t remember the last
time a fish came off except due to an
outside factor such as a snag or heavy
weed, so I don’t think it is down to the
lead size. If you are casting further
than you normally would as you infer
by having to change up lead size then
I would guess that it could be your
presentation at these further distances. Something might not be lying
right and the rig not acting as it
should. This is common when you
first start to fish out of a comfort zone
If I have it wrong and you usually
have no problems at that range, then I
always go back to basics if I have a
problem and sort it piece by piece.
Use a basic rig that you know can’t
tangle, a hook you have had loads of
success with, and so on. If you think it
may be that you are at your limits dis-
Basic rigs – I rarely drop carp off.
54lb-plus Cheshire common.
Titan brolly.
spod mix with a mixture of hemp,
corn, tigers, maggots and a small
amount of boilie. The theory is that
there is something in there they will
love and in turn eat everything else at
the same time. We know how devastating boilies were when they came
out, and once the fish are on them,
they sample them and realise that
they have all the goodness they need
in them in one sitting, so then they
should wean themselves on to them.
It worked for me on the ultra-hard
Colemere where most anglers
believed they would never be caught
on a boilie, but that’s what I caught
them on, except for one, which was
on a tiger over boilie.
Question 3
I’m not an expert on mozzies but I
have a friend that reacts far worse
than others to bites and it sounds like
you may be the same! There are foods
that are supposed to be repellents,


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