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Rotary Letter
s u c h a s g a r l i c, a s m o z z i e s a r e
attracted to our smell. Deet, citronella
and other equivalents just mask our
smell, whereas I would guess eating
certain foods to change our smell has
to be better than masking. Scientists
believe that it is genetic, so there may
not be a lot you can do about their
fondness for you.
I use a Nash Titan brolly with a
mozzie front and before I get in it at
night in summer I spray the inside
with ordinary fly spray and shut it
down and leave it for a bit. I then
climb in and get a peaceful night’s
sleep, as I don’t catch much at the
minute! If they are affecting you so
badly that you cannot walk then your
doctor may be the answer, as that
sounds pretty serious. Hope you sort
it out, pal.
Question 4
An age old problem! Using dark bait
is a good method. Fish black boilies
as most baits look very light once
Dave Lane
Question 1
That sounds like a nightmare, but,
without knowing the rest of the
setup, it’s a bit tricky to answer. You
mention you have upped the lead size
so you obviously think this might be
part of the problem, by this I am
assuming the lead stays on? Dumping the lead as you hook a fish by
using a decent lead release clip will
always help reduce hook pulls and,
not wanting to stir up the hornet’s
nest too much, avoiding those stupid
chod rig setups will definitely benefit
you in the amount of fish put on the
bank rather than lost. I still find it
amazing how many anglers use chod
rigs in the wrong situations, particularly in weedy lakes. The extra short
hook link attached to a fixed lead is
bad enough, but the way the lead flies
up to meet it on the initial strike, or
take, is a recipe for disaster in my
books. I have literally lost count of the
amount of anglers I have heard moan-
Monster Squid black.
they have been in the water
overnight. The Black Monster Squid is
brilliant for this. Definitely avoid
bright baits such as corn and keep
everything subtle. Laser pens can do
the trick also, but I have doubts as to
whether they scare the carp too. Have
you tried an air rifle where allowed?
You don’t have to kill them – just let
them know they are being hunted
and then a loud clap of the hands will
do. It sounds obvious, but make sure
you are up at first light to keep on top
of it!
Question 5
This has been happening on a lake I
have been fishing recently. The peg
with the most bloodworm is doing all
the bites and the rest of the lake isn’t
doing anything. The fish are coming
out on boilies over the beds though. I
have never used them on the hook.
What about trying some other naturals over it like red maggot?
Lead on.
The lead’s off and easy does it.
ing about dropped carp on this rig,
but still they continue to use it, as,
apparently, it is easier than spending
the extra time looking for a decent
spot to present your bait on. Personally I’d rather land everything that I
hook and a lead release clip is a standard requirement on all my rigs. If
your problem is not chod related
though it might help to look at where
the fish you have landed are hooked
and see if that points to a problem with the rig, maybe simply
lengthening the hooklink might
help or swapping the hook pattern for a beaked hook – they
tend to stay put once they are in.
Question 2
Usually lakes that are full of nuisance fish are not as rich as low
s t o c k e d, ‘ c a r p o n l y ’ v e n u e s
because there are more mouths
to feed and the naturals are
depleted because of this. However, if it’s as rich as you say then
there will be times when bait is
not so important to the carp, and
I know how frustrating this can
On the mat… Regardless of the high level of natural food this huge leather still
fancied a boilie snack.


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