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Berkshire Blanks and Nene Nomads
sions but the carp didn’t move
onto it. Even though I was spodding to over 130 yards, the carp
stayed out over 200 yards from
any swim. I was sure the lads
with the bait boats were pushing
them out there with the angling
pressure. Also if they were getting bait out there was no need
for them to move in on my baited
area, and I’m sure all the disturbance that I was making to get
the bait out wasn’t helping
The following week I had a
two-night tutorial booked. I have
been really lucky with the tutorials I have done so far and we
have gone to waters with some
nice looking carp in and this session was no different. Carl was
no stranger to nice looking carp
himself because he had spent a
year on the Chad syndicate and
had banked the three biggest
residents including Blackeye at
46lb. As you can imagine he was
already an experienced angler,
but he just wanted to brush up
on a few things in a tutorial
Carl Williams with the best of the session, a dark 21lb’er.
including distance casting and
being a black 21lb mirror, although
used to be a little area in the weed
watercraft on a bigger waters. We
the one he lost at the net looked a
about a foot or so wide, but now it
ended up going to a recently opened
good fish.
was huge. It had certainly seen some
day ticket water close to my home
I only had one night for my own
attention since I started fishing it!
t h a t I k n o w a s M e a d o w L a n e,
fishing that week, so I went to my
The conditions looked bang-on for
although it has been renamed Bears
Nene Valley water to try for my two
a big fish. There was a new southLake. I had done a few short sessions
remaining target fish. Nothing hapwesterly blowing and it was overcast,
on there about eight or nine years ago
pened that night, but I made the deciyet the big full moon was evident as
when it was a club ticket, but since
sion to stay on there for the rest of the
soon as the clouds broke. The time of
then the fish had darkened up nicely
year because my next session would
year was spot-on too – I have had a
in the clear water.
be at the start of October and I came
few of my big fish at the end of
Catching fish on the tutorials is
to the conclusion that the Berkshire
September/start of October. The night
never the sole intention; it is more
Lake fish were going to stay in the
passed without action and I was up at
about getting the client up to speed
centre out of casting range, and I had
dawn to watch the water, but I saw
on one or a few areas so they catch
already decided that I was going to
nothing show in the swim; in fact I
more in the future. However it is nice
drop the Nene ticket no matter what
saw nothing at all. Just after midday I
to catch, and when I woke up at dawn
because I had already had four 40s off
tied up a couple of PVA bags and
to see ice covering the unused mat I
the complex.
sticks to save time later, and I was
wondered if it was going to happen,
So the following week I pulled up in
just about to wind in for a walk round
but then to make me feel worse one of
the car park, and I must admit I had
when the middle bobbin twitched up
my rods signalled a bite! Although I
one swim in mind, so once I heard
a few inches to half mast. I left it for a
wanted to catch, it’s nice to get the
that a couple of fish had been seen in
second or two, wondering if it was
client a chance or two first, which is
that area I didn’t waste much time
liner or not. Then I saw the line flick
why I fished just off the baited area.
claiming it with my bucket. This
up in the water, lifting a small piece of
But as soon as I got mine in the net,
swim had done a couple of captures
reed from the surface. The ‘Stow lifted
one of Carl’s rods was away and the
for me at the end of last year, so I was
up toward the rod butt, and although
pressure was off! Neither of the fish
confident when I saw a couple of fish
the line stayed in the clip and wasn’t
were massive at mid doubles, but
roll in the swim as I was setting up.
that tight, it was enough to convince
they were both dark old warriors and
T h e y w e r e n ’t i n t h e a r e a I w a s
me there was something on the end.
the sort of fish I like catching. I need
expecting to see them, but at least
I picked up the rod, and I as I
not have worried about Carl not
they were in the swim. My old proincreased the pressure the line
catching because he went on to hook
ductive spot had changed no end; it
started pinging off the weed until I
four more fish, with the best of them


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