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The Sighting of the Mystery Common
ell, it’s early
October as I
sit writing
this and it’s
clear to see
that autumn
is well on its way. The nights are closing in rapidly now and the temperatures are noticeably dropping. I’m
hoping though that with these
changes comes the time when the
Roach Pit carp get their heads down
in a big way and the big girls that
have been pretty quiet and not forthcoming over these last few months
make an appearance.
As usual I’ll start off with mates’
captures, and this month it’s Marcus
Howarth once again. As I mentioned
in a previous diary, Marcus is also on
Roach Pit this year and during one
particular session he had a take
which resulted in a boat battle after
the fish weeded him solid and wouldn’t budge no matter what was tried.
Eventually after a good 15-20 minutes
out in the boat getting taken from
weed bed to weed bed the fish was
eventually netted and Orange Scale
was safely sitting in the folds of it.
Once back on dry land we did the
honours of weighing and photograph-
ing and at a weight of exactly 40lb
Marcus was obviously buzzing. This
was made even better when a couple
of days later he had another mirror of
24lb 4oz, which capped off the week
perfectly. Both fish fell to a bed of
Sticky’s new Krill, which is on test
along with the Bloodworm Pellet. Well
done, mate – more than deserved.
That’s all the catch reports I have
this month so I guess I’ll get on with
what I’ve been up to since the last
diary. Last month I ended by telling
you that we had managed to get the
otter fence up and electrified and that
the otters were hopefully “locked out”
and the fish were now safe. Well, just
to let you know that there have been
no more otter sightings since the
completion, although they were heard
one night around the outside of the
fence. The fence obviously worked
though as they didn’t get in and
haven’t been seen nor heard since.
I stayed on the lake that weekend
as more work was going on, so I
arranged not to have the kids and
help out. This also meant that I fished
from Sunday night for a change rather
than the usual Monday morning.
Once the work on the fence had
ended, which was around 4pm, I went
and set up back in Rat and baited up
with 35 kilos of mixed Krill boilie,
bloodworm pellet and particle. With
this done I then sorted out the rods
and got a couple of snowman rigs out
on the spot. I then cast a chod rig out
down to my left where I had baited
with just pellet and boilie. By the time
I’d got the rods out and set the camp
up it was around 7.40pm, and after
causing all that disturbance with the
bait going in I didn’t really expect to
see much in the way of fish in the
area. Imagine my surprise then when
just 40 minutes later the middle rod
ripped off with obviously one very
angry carp on the end.
As the carp powered through a few
weed beds I knew that I had no
chance of getting this one in from the
bank and that I was going to have to
take to the boat. Eventually, whatever
was attached to the other end
stopped in one of the beds of weed
but no matter what I did I couldn’t get
it moving, and I wasn’t prepared to
give it too much, as I didn’t want a
fish stuck out in a weed bed with a rig
in it should the line part. The problem
I had was I was the only person on
the lake and the light was fading
pretty fast. A quick call to Marcus
Marcus with Orange Scale at 40lb.


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