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The Sighting of the Mystery Common
middle rod was away again. I
chucked my phone in my hoodie
pocket and picked up the rod, and as
I did so then the fish came alive and
started stripping line off the spool.
While I was playing the fish I could
hear someone talking yet couldn’t see
anyone. It then dawned on me that it
was Alan I could in fact hear from in
my pocket. He hadn’t hung up and
was listening to me and the battle I
was having. I had a quick few words
with him while continuing with playing the fish and then hung up properly and concentrated on getting the
fish in.
After a bit the fish got some weed
over its head and this made things all
the more easy. I soon had the fish in
front of me and ready for the net, and
along with a load of weed it went in
the net first time. Once in it I removed
a load of the weed and saw that I had
in fact got the Big Fully, one that I had
on my hit list. I was buzzing. Just at
that moment the right rod pulled up
tight and for one minute I was sure I
was going to be into another carp, but
as soon as I lifted in to it I could feel
that tapping feeling, the one you get
from tench. I reeled the tench in and
then turned my attentions back to the
I weighed the fish at 35lb 14oz and
then popped it in the retainer sling
until I could get Marcus down to do
me the honours with the camera. I
rang Alan back and let him know
what I had and the weight etc and
then rang Marcus to come and do the
pics. I had to wait an hour for him to
turn up but when he did the light was
perfect for the pictures and they came
out perfectly. In the meantime though
I had got both rods back out and the
fish had started fizzing up again.
Throughout the afternoon fish were
showing and sheeting up on the spot
and I was sure one of the rods was
going to be away any time soon but it
wasn’t to be.
I was picked up by a coot just
before 3pm and I wondered whether I
had been cleared out by the fish. I
redid the rod and then over the next
three hours I was picked up a further
three times. This told me that the
chances were that there were no freebies left and with that decided to top
up the spot with 3 kilos of the Krill.
Things went quiet just on dark and I
didn’t see nor hear a single fish. I hit
the sack around 11pm as I was done
The Fully Scaled at 35lb 14oz – I was a little happy.
in but set the alarm for 5.15am as I
wanted to be up at first light.
Within 45 minutes of getting up the
following morning I witnessed a few
fish rolling to the right of where my
right hand rod was positioned, and
throughout the morning. Early afternoon things went quiet and I had the
middle rod picked up again by coots a
couple of times so once again I had
been cleaned out. I decided to top the
area up once again but this time it
was going to be a proper top-up and I
put a total of just under 25 kilos of
mixed boilie, pellet and particle out.
After how quickly they got on it earlier on in the week I wasn’t too concerned about putting that quantity
out and I felt that they were having it
enough to do so.
The rest of the afternoon was quiet,
and although I heard a few in the
night, nothing happened. I was back
up at 5.30 the following morning, and
within a minute of so of waking the
middle rod was picked up by a tench.
I couldn’t get over how cold the
morning felt – it seemed there was a
definite chill to it. I sorted that out
and got the rod back out with a fresh
bait, and then 20 minutes later the
same rod was picked up again by
another one. Again I got it all sorted
and a fresh baited rig back out, but an
hour later I had yet another one. A few
fish showed over the spot in between
the tench, but after the last one,
things went really quiet and the fish
moved off up to the other end of the
lake. I didn’t think they would stay up
there for long though as there was a
fair amount of angling pressure up
that end of the lake. I think they had
just gone up there for a few hours to
make the most of the warm sun on
the back of the wind and hoped that
they would return on dark. Sure
enough the fish returned and around
10pm they started showing on and
around me. I sat watching the water
until midnight and all that time they
continued to show. The night temperature dropped to eight degrees and as
a result the following morning was
misty to start with.
Once again I was up early, but this
time it was due to liners, and as I sat
on a bucket looking out with the first
coffee of the day a good fish rolled
over just to the right of the spot. An
hour later I had a bite, which resulted
in another tench, but soon after getting the rod back out the liners
started up again and a few fish
started showing and rolling bang on
the spot. This continued for a couple
of hours until at a little after 10am a
massive flat spot appeared, and with
that a fish poked its head out in
amongst it. I was sure one of the rods
that were positioned on the spot
would rattle off at any time and it was


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