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The Sighting of the Mystery Common
I drove the journey all my thoughts
right rod and I started to wonder
were of the common and getting back
whether I’d been cleared out and they
to see if I could trip it up.
had got away with it. I need not have
Monday morning at a few minutes
worried though as just ten minutes
to 7am I pulled back up at the Pit and
after the second recast of the mornafter dropping my kit in the swim I
ing, the right rod was away. Almost
went for a walk round just in case the
instantly the fish got weeded, but by
fish were stacked up anywhere. After
getting to the top of the swim, climbnot seeing a great deal I want back to
ing up on top of the picnic table that
Rat and set up there. The first thing I
was at the back of the swim and leandid was bait up the main spot and
ing into it, I managed to get the fish
with that I introduced 10kg of 16mm
moving. It came in easily as there was
and 5kg of 20mm Krill boilies, 5kg of
a big ball of weed over its head, and
bloodworm pellet, a jar of Oily Hemp
within a few minutes I was able to net
and half a bucket of my mixed seed.
it first time.
Once I’d got all the bait out I then
On peeling away the weed and
baited another area down to my left
clearing the net out of it I soon saw
with 3kg of boilie, some bloodworm
what I had. It was a fish known as the
pellet and some Oily Hemp.
Dark One and another of the A-list
With the baiting up sorted I set
was mine. At 38lb 10oz I was more
about getting the rods out. The two
than happy, and after a few pictures it
rods on the main spot were fished
was slipped back. I felt there was a
snowman style with Krill bottom baits
chance of another bite as the spot
tipped with a 10mm Pineapple and
was fizzing like mad. I’d got the rod
N’butyric acid pop-up and both went
back out before the weighing and
out sweet. The drop I got off both rods
pictures but the birds were being a
was mental; I’d never had as good a
total nightmare, picking me up condrop since I’d started fishing it. I also
stantly. I ended up leaving it until late
noticed how much bigger the area
evening and then topping the spot up
was, as the first cast on one rod was a
with a further 10 kilos of mixed bait as
little left of where I wanted it, yet the
I felt it needed it. Things went quiet
drop was really firm, and on bringing
on dark; the wind turned from a
the rig back in I had clay on the lead.
southwesterly to an easterly and with
The other rod was also cast out
it came rain. I sat up for a while but
with a matching snowman rig on it as
after a bit opted for an early night as I
the spot was clear and went down
was done in and needed some kip.
with a suitable thud and
once that was out then camp
was set up and I had a much
needed 11am coffee. I won’t
bore you with the next couple of days, as they were generally very quiet. It rained for
most of it and I only saw a
couple of fish.
Wednesday was a different
story though, as it was
brighter and the rain had
stopped at last. From the
minute I woke up just before
6am I saw fish and I had a
feeling that something might
happen. There was fizzing on
the spot for ages, but then at
7.20am I was picked up by a
coot and I had to redo the
middle rod. Literally though,
as the lead hit the water on
the recast, a fish poked its
head out and I thought that
that would have buggered
things right up. 20 minutes
later a coot picked up the The Dark One at 38lb 10oz.
I was back up before light the following morning but things were
quiet. There were no shows; it felt
cold and I wondered what the day
would bring. In short it brought nothing but a cold day and it passed without event. Friday I had a lie-in and
didn’t wake up until 6.30am, but
when I did get up things looked dead
again. I didn’t think anything was
going to happen, but then suddenly,
out of the blue the middle rod ripped
off. I was totally taken by surprise but
was soon on the rod. I managed to
keep the fish moving, and by doing so
gained line on it pretty quickly. Within
a short time I had the fish in the margin and Marcus kindly netted it for me
as he was in Pike and had heard the
take. He soon recognised the fish as
the Grey One, a fish that I’d had on my
very first session from Peg 37. This
time it had gained a few pounds and
at an ounce under 36lb it had clearly
been eating. As it was a repeat we
only did a couple of quick pictures
before returning it, and I got the rod
back out.
At 10.34am a really good fish
showed right over the middle rod
again and then 25 minutes later that
same rod was away again. The take
was an absolute melter and as soon
as I picked up the rod whatever was
attached to the other end had the
right hump and powered off up the


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