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The Sighting of the Mystery Common
The Grey One at 35lb 15oz.
channel. For a minute I didn’t think I
was going to stop it, but with a bit of
pressure I managed to turn it before it
went too far left, and slowly I gained
some line to the point that after a bit
of work the fish was back out in front
of me. After a few more minutes I saw
a cracking linear looking fish roll, and
at first I though I had got the same
fish that I’d had a few weeks back at
a couple of ounces under 32lb, but as
Marcus eventually netted it I soon
realised it was a similar looking fish
but on a smaller scale.
The fish I had in the net turned out
to be the fish that was actually called
the Scattered Linear, and the fish I’d
called the same name a few weeks
ago was in fact a rare visitor to the
bank that didn’t have a name. This
linear weighed 29lb 1oz, but was an
absolute stunner of a fish. Marcus
once again did the honours with the
camera, and a cracking job he did too.
It was clear that the baiting up had
done the trick, as I hadn’t picked up a
bird since, and I’d had another couple
of fish. It just shows how much they
are eating!
With everything sorted and the fish
safely back in the lake I got the rod
back out. Throughout the balance of
the day fish continued to show but
they were more long behind the spot
in Caravan’s water, and I felt any
remaining chances I had were gone. I
did get a couple of liners on the right
rod in the night but nothing came of
them and at 9am the following morning I packed up and headed off home.
Monday saw me back at the lake,
and after the last few weeks’ results I
had to go back in Rat. I baited the
spot once again with a 30 kilo mixture
of Krill boilie, Bloodworm Pellet, Oily
Hemp and my particle mix and then
got the rods out. The left rod spot also
saw the same amount of bait as it had
seen the previous week and then a
snowman rig was cast back out to
that too. I have to say that the week
passed without any fish, although I
did get a fish trailing line go through
one of my rods on the Wednesday, but
the hook link that was attached to it
parted and I didn’t get it in. There
were odd shows and a tiny bit of
fizzing but other than that it was dead
in front of me.
One man that did get amongst
them though was Coops who had Son
of Solar on the Monday night and
then had Thick Wrist and the Big Fully
on the Wednesday night. Fair play to
him – he’s been quietly doing his own
thing, and this week it all came
together big time, and it’s really well
deserved. Anyway, I saw my week out
in Rat and on the Saturday morning at
the usual 9am I packed up and
headed off home wondering what had
gone wrong. I know there can be
quiet weeks, but it was bugging me
that I’d been having fish every week
and they were bang on the
spot and yet this week nothing. I needed to have a think
for the next week, as I felt I
was possibly getting cleaned
out and they were getting
away with it.
Monday I was back, and
this time it was going to be a
different approach. Instead
of the usual large bed of bait
I opted to try a much smaller
bed and see if that did the
trick. I baited the area with
3kg of 16mm and 3kg of
20mm Krill boilie, a couple of
kilos of Bloodworm Pellet
and a jar of Oily Hemp.
Although it sounds a lot it
was a lot less that on previous sessions. Once the bait
was out, I cast the rods out.
This time I changed the right
rod back over to a pop-up rig,
but the other rod that was on
the spot was left as a snowman rig.
The third rod was also changed, as I
felt the area wasn’t getting fed on,
and rather than stick it out I moved it
out further into the lake, changed it to
a chod rig with a Krill hook bait and
fired a scattering of the Krill around it.
The day passed quietly with the
only shows being in front of Pike and
Peg 35, and as I went to bed that
night I had a feeling all was not right.
I woke up the following morning to
rain and a strong southwesterly
again, and I hoped that I’d see a few
signs of fish on the bait, but it wasn’t
to be; in fact it was deadly quiet
again. The first sign was just after
1pm when I had a liner on the middle
rod, and some 40 minutes later the
same thing happened again. Alan
was sat with me having a brew, and
he commented that I’d probably just
been done. Although he was only joking around with me I did think that I
was getting had over by the fish now,
as the spot was so clean. There was
one fish that everyone was convinced
that I was going to have, as it was
such a bait fish, and that was Atlas or
Snubby as it used to be known. I was
sure that I’d seen this fish show over
me on several occasions, and was
sure it was doing me. It was while I
was on the phone to Uncle Jim that I
mentioned this and he reiterated
what I was saying and that I needed
to alter things slightly on the rig front.
I left the rods out until late after-


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