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The Sighting of the Mystery Common
powered out of my hands and swam
off into the deeps.
I gave it a couple of hours to calm
down before I topped the spot up
with 6kg of the Krill, as I was sure I
would have been cleaned out after
the fish. While I was baiting up the
wind turned to a northeasterly and
with that came more rain along with
a cold night. The night passed quietly
but as if I cared… I’d had Atlas and
that was all that mattered. Despite
the wind spinning back to a southwesterly and having a fair few fish
show over and around the spot, nothing more happened through the session, and as I packed away the kit on
the Saturday morning ready for the
long drive home, I reflected on what
had gone on through the week. By
changing the hook link from a long
one to a short one and by changing
over to a KD rig, I had caught a fish
that had probably been getting away
with it for a few weeks. The chances
are that the liners that I had on the
Tuesday while sat with Alan were
actually me getting done by Atlas. It’s
amazing how simple changes make
such a difference.
Well that’s about it again from me
for this month. I hope to tell you more
stories of my captures next month,
but you never do know when it comes
to Roach Pit – anything can happen.
Till next time… n
One last picture before she goes back.


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