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The Bountyhunter Meets The Urban Myth
favourite capture ever was catching
my first 40 out of Longfield – that
absolutely blew me away. After that
I’d have to say it would be one of the
first big carp that I caught, maybe the
first 20 I ever caught when I was
about 12 years old from an Epping
Forest lake. It was a really big fish for
Epping Forest at that time, so that
was an amazing capture. Also I have
had some great captures on my Colne
Valley lakes. On one morning I caught
a brace of forties when I was the only
person on the lake at the time. One of
those fish was pretty much an
unknown fish and still is. I caught a
brace that was nearly 90lbs of fish,
and that was just on a morning session. I drove an hour and twenty minutes to the lake, and soon after getting
to the lake I caught this big brace of
fish, and by midday I’d gone home
and no one knew I’d caught them. My
first 20 caught on homemade floater
cake is up there too.
Rob: That is fantastic, and you see
you can’t even write about it, Tel –
they wouldn’t let you – it’s a bloody
shame. Terry is telling me he is going
to write that one up, so we have
something to look forward to. In fact
we had loads to look forward to from
Tel because not only he is doing his
book, but he also doing bait – you just
have to watch out for this Urban
Myth. You have already mentioned
going to Darenth and meeting some
famous faces over there, but have any
other anglers influenced you or
inspired you over the years?
Terry: Well I suppose when I first
started carp fishing, Rod Hutchinson
and Chris Yates had a major impact
on me and those whom I fished with.
My friend who I fished with for many
years came about because we got
Rod Hutchinson’s first carp book out
of the library. It was in the first year of
big school when we were about
eleven years of age. Tony got this
book out of the library and we used to
share it, so that was a massive
impact. I had seen pictures of them
with Redmire fish and stuff like that,
so that is a massive influence. Later
on there was the Famous Five, Rob
and Dave who inspired people, and
there were many different people who
inspired me. I saw Alan Smith and Lee
Jackson do a talk up at the Duke’s
Head Pub in Eastham in the early
eighties, and that was major event for
me. Pictures like Ritchie MacDonald
Floppy Tail from Johnsons, 16 years after Rob had it in Bazil’s Bush.
with Bazil sparked off so much
around those times, and I suppose all
the way through I have been inspired
by the early carp fishers and magazines. People like Ian Booker and
Secret John and stuff like that was so
inspiring, especially at the age we
were at, and I think you carry that sort
of thing all through your life – it never
changes. I suppose I am really lucky
to have started carp fishing when I
did, thirty-odd years ago, because at
that time it was all new. If you did
catch a carp, you were in a small club,
because there were not that many
people around who had caught carp,
especially decent size carp. It was a
brilliant time to start carp fishing and
to have been able to carry that
throughout my life.
Rob: Hear hear! I mean you mention some names there – Alan Smith
for instance. I have asked this question of several people in interviews for
the magazine in its twenty-odd years
of history or at slide shows and
things, and a great number of people
have told me that Alan Smith was an
influence on them. He was a lovely
guy who is no longer with us now
unfortunately. I fished with him at the
Waltonians; I can’t say he was influence, because I wasn’t from Kent and
I wasn’t fishing the waters with him,
but so many people bring this name
up when you ask this sort of question.
He must have been on par with the
likes of Rod and others. Of course Rod
is another one that has a lot to answer
for… not so much his first book,
which was good, but certainly when
The Carp Strikes Back came out, I
must have read it about twenty times
I should think. I loved that book, and
the humour in there, and the fact that
he smelt the hops along the way certainly was an influence in my fishing.
I suppose everybody you meet who is
successful and who is passionate
about their sport all put that one little
thing in your mind just to add to the
whole feeling that you have for the
Okay, one last question… Any
ambitions for the future – anything
you have got your sights on? Where
do you want to be in ten years’ time?
Hopefully we will have another ten
years of Big Carp Magazine and we
will have a few articles from you, Tel.
Terry: Well at the moment I am
building up my bait business. The
bait isn’t anything new to me or people who know me. I have been making my own bait since day one – since
I was 12 years of age. I started with
ground rice and stuff like that and
soya flour. Obviously we are expanding what we are doing, and now
instead of sending to our friends and


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