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The Bountyhunter Meets The Urban Myth
mates we are letting other people on
board to use our baits, so I am getting
that off the ground. That is going to
be something big for the future, and
hopefully in a decade’s time it will
have taken off.
Also I have another couple of
waters up my sleeve. I have had some
bad news this year… well… maybe
bad news… I don’t exactly know
what is going on, but I heard that
Wraysbury has been taken over, and I
understand that to put money into
Wraysbury they will need to get
money back out of it. So I can’t see
Wraysbury staying the same as it has
been for the last fifteen of twenty-odd
years – low stock, hardly been
touched. It is not everyone’s cup of
tea; it is rock hard over there – probably the hardest lake I fished. So it’s
going to be a shame if I lose that, but
I have a couple of other waters that I
am looking at. One of them is about
fifty acres, and I can’t say too much
about it, but I am going to be one of
the few people fishing it, and it could
have something really special in it. So
First twenty-pounder caught on free-lined homemade floater.
yes, I have a few things up my sleeve,
and hopefully in ten years’ time we
will do another one of these articles
for your 300th issue.
Rob: Nice one, Tel. Thank you so
much for sharing all that with us
Day Ticket Carp Fishery
today. It’s been a privilege to come
round here and talk to you mate, and
best of luck for the future with the
bait business. I know it is going to be
massive; there is no question of that.
Cheers, buddy! n
French Holiday Destination
28lb 14oz
Ghost common
France’s premier runs water
07810 710 880
Angler: Lofty Speed
Capture date: 21st April 2017
L: 01270 812929
M: 07747 007669
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