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A Decent December
ecember 2012 had
been a successful
m o n t h f o r m e.
autumn I had been
doing some angling
on a local estate lake, which had been
providing good results, however the
estate lake had gone very quiet by the
start of December and was threatening to freeze! That and the resident
otter had been putting me off going
back down there until it warmed up
slightly. After my enjoyable spring on
the 12-acre club pit, I decided to go
over the road to a slightly smaller
eight-acre very deep, gin-clear lake
on the same ticket. With a drop of
between 18-24ft deep, I figured that
the lake wouldn’t have shut up shop
yet – as it is so deep it would take
longer for the cold water to reach the
bottom. So I decided to keep the bait
going in and see what happened.
It was the first week of December
when I first took a visit to the pit for a
look about, armed with some ABS Nut
Mix and a bit of Sticky Baits Vor-tex I
had left over from the autumn. I was
delighted to pull up in the car park
and find no other cars anywhere on
the lake! This was very good news for
me as I would have objected to baiting up if there was anyone fishing. I
felt it was unfair, as I wouldn’t be
returning for a day or two. So under
the cover of darkness I used a throwing stick to spread about a kilo of Nut
Mix and Vor-tex around an area in
front of the Bench swim at about 30
yards range. I wasn’t too worried
about fishing to any particular features, as the lakebed is mostly flat
with the odd bump here and there.
On the journey home, I was getting
more and more excited about my
return thinking the fish would stand a
good chance of holding up where I
had been giving them free meals, as
this area was also on the back of a
freezing cold easterly wind! The following day I had to attend college so
wasn’t able to return to fish over my
baited area, however the following
day I had the day off work so I made
the 20-minute journey to the pit for
first light. Once again I arrived to find
the pit deserted. I flicked two snow-
men out around my baited area and
sat back – fingers crossed.
By 12 o clock I was still feeling confident after seeing one possible fish
show close to where I was. The next
two hours were very eventful; they
started off by my car nearly rolling
into the lake! Jason the Smurf turned
up for a catch-up around midday, so
when he did he kindly offered to
watch my rods for five minutes while
I nipped up the road to stock up on
food as I had run out. However I never
made it up the road! I started reversing my car out of the car park and
somehow managed to reverse it
straight into a swim a just down the
bank from where I was fishing! It
looked like the final scene in The Italian Job with it balancing on two
wheels! After some quick thinking, I
managed to right the car and while
Jason was watching my rods, Terry
turned up in perfect timing with his
4x4 and managed to pull me back out
onto flat ground!
It was about ten minutes after that,
while lots of piss taking was going on,
I heard a loud smack, and after realis-
Christmas is coming!


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