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A Decent December
ing that my faithful Microns had
stopped working yet again, I looked
down and the bobbin in my left hand
rod was jammed into my alarm! I
couldn’t believe it! After a short scrap
I landed an awesome scaly 21lb’er!
What a great winter’s day! After flicking the snowman back out there and
attempting to top the swim up, the
gulls were having none of it and I
gave up! It was now one o‘clock and
just as I was having my 20th tea of the
day my right hand rod let out a couple
of beeps and the bobbin fell to the
After looking up expecting a tuftie
to pop up, my heart started racing a
bit faster when I realised there
weren’t any punishing me! After a
slightly longer fight with a super
turbo carp trying to take me under
every marginal snag the lake holds, I
finally landed a 23lb 7oz half linear!
Incredible – two takes in the summer
was good going normally! The end to
a good day... Or so I thought! Half an
hour later I was blown away when I
had the third pick-up of the day, but
this take was different to the other
two; it was much slower and steady.
After picking the rod up it, hooped
over and took a good 20 yards of line
before I could slow it down!
Eventually after a battle with what
I kept telling myself was a slightly
better fish she rolled over the cord,
and it was looking a lot like I had
myself a winter 30! After doing a mad
dance, the sling was zeroed and the
scales spun round to 29lb 3oz – not
quite a winter 30, but I didn’t care! I
was on top of the world! I later recognised it as Twin Scales, a fish that I
had fished for on and off for about
three seasons! The rod went back out
to the area, however that was the end
of a very productive winter’s day. I sat
it out until just after dark and topped
the area up with another kilo of 12
and 16mm’ers so my arch enemy the
seagull couldn’t have a free meal
again! I wasn’t able to return to fish
again for four days, although I managed to slip down one evening to top
up the area with another kilo of baits
spread about.
When I returned a few days later, I
arrived about 6pm, and after finding
the lake empty yet again, I got the
trusty snowmen back out there with
another wide sprinkling of carp goodies! The night was very quiet; after
eating my way through a large
amount of pizza, I nodded off, and for
the first time in ages I wasn’t awoken
at first light, which did make a nice
change! I was instead woken up
about eight o’clock by something
much better – a savage drop back!
After rolling out of my sleeping bag
down the bank, nearly into my rods,
and to an incredibly slack line, I
wound down for what felt like ages
and lifted into another turbo carp!
After giving me an unwanted guided
tour of the pit and then trying its
hardest to wipe out my other rod,
finally I saw a flash of golden scales
and a lovely very clean looking common slid over the cord and into the
(Top) It snowed briefly.
(Below) Scaly stunner.


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