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A Decent December
I couldn’t believe it.
bottom of my mesh. After a couple of
self takes I slipped the golden-scaled
stunner back, feeling very happy.
I had now taken to using a mini
pocket rocket to bait up with, as the
seagulls were in full swing and being
a right nightmare! It was around midday and while in the middle of topping the swim up with another half
kilo that I had a take! Fortunately I
had just wound in the spod when the
bobbin slowly lifted and line started
ticking off the spool. This take
appeared much faster, more like a
smaller fish take, and so it was! After
a few mad dashes and having to rip
my mesh out of a large amount of
brambles it had somehow managed
to get tangled in, I was soon weighing
a 16lb near leather. This was unreal
for December! I was sitting in the
clouds with the carp gods.
After seeing three shows that afternoon, I was confident that there were
still some fish hanging about in the
area where I had been angling. It was
also still on the back of a bitterly cold
easterly wind. Just when I thought it
was feeling plenty cold enough for my
little 60in brolly it started to bloody
snow, but being England the snow
didn’t last more than an hour, and just
as it was starting to melt again the
left hand Micron let out a quick hand-
ful of beeps… before… whack! The
indicator nearly drilled a hole through
my poor little Micron, and I stared to
do battle with another mad little carp!
Small yet perfect; it had beautiful
colours and a stunning scale pattern.
I guessed its weight at around 14lb,
popped the hook out in the edge and
sent it back on its way after thanking
it for coming to visit me!
The only other visit I had that day
was from a bunch of annoying feathered friends! The tufties had now
become a right pain! And after a couple of hours of constant punishment I
gave in and reeled in, happy as Larry!
I did give the fish (and most probably
tufties) another free meal before I left
to make the short journey home via
the kebab house!
It was now leading up to Christmas, and what with work getting
busier and the other half home from
Uni for Christmas, rod hours were
reducing. I managed two more trips
before Christmas, however no more
carp were landed, just an incredible
soaking and my Nash Oval was
trashed even more! The first of my
two trips was a day session, and
when I arrived I found a sheep in
action fishing right over my baited
spot! So much for etiquette, eh? I
ended up having a go in a different
area, as the winds had changed and
the weather was looking worse and
worse day-by-day! After a day of tea
drinking, getting a soaking so bad I
may as well have not bothered wearing any clothes and watching the
water to just see one fish show right
over where I had been baiting, it was
slightly disheartening. However, it’s a
club lake; you pay your money, so I
can’t complain! Seeing that fish show
just got me more motivated and gagging to get back down to the pit.
Another three days of being
dragged round shops for no apparent
reason passed before I made it back
down the pit. When I arrived again I
found two other anglers and friends
angling on another bank, so I decided
socialising was probably a better idea
tonight, as it was nearly Christmas
and I did fancy this area also. Two
snowmen went out there and it was
looking lovely. The wind was pushing
onto the far bank... That was until
about 1am when it decided to swing
right around and start blowing
straight into my Oval.
After half an hour of it being pulled
about, it gave up, and the Oval, with a
mind of its own, decided to up sticks
and get blown inside out and nearly
into the road behind me! Realising in
my dormant state I’d better retrieve it,


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