freeline-27 - Page 110

A Decent December
the battered thing was left down for
the rest of the night, and under the
stars it was for me. Maybe that was
the carp gods’ way of letting me
know I should have been back on my
area and not socialising! So in went
another kilo of baits spread out before
I left.
By this time it was Christmas, and I
managed to get over to the pit twice
more the week after to bait up again.
With my area being left alone by bird
life, I figured that something had been
eating my bait! It was not until the
30th of December when I managed to
return for one final go. After watching
the weather I was confident of a bite,
but then became even more confident
when I arrived to find the pit
deserted! After managing to get the
rods back in the area just before dark,
I sat back and treated myself to a very
large kebab special! I settled down for
another incredibly windy night under
the brolly, set up a bit better this time,
as I was not wishing for another night
under the stars!
It was about 5am when I was awoken by a strange take; the bobbin
slowly lifting up and down. Assuming
I had possibly hooked one of the
Twin Scale, 29lb 3oz.
(Right) Happy New Year!
many tench in the pit, I lifted into a
fish, which then told me it certainly
wasn’t a tench! After a lot of plodding
about another upper double was
being weighed. At 18lb I was very
pleased with my New Year’s Eve present – any size is welcome this time
of year! After packing up on first light
to get back for work and New Year’s
celebrations, which I renamed Winter
Campaign celebrations, I waved the
lake goodbye and muttered, “I’ll be
back for the big’un next winter!” n


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