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Some Fishy Recollections of My 2012
Thankfully my spigot held out for the Long Common.
three Car Park mirrors survived it.
Let’s hope that 2013 is kind to them
and that they are given the respect
they deserve. Of the seven carp in
there when I received my first Car
Park ticket, six of them beat me, and
though now sadly there are only three
remaining, I salute them and I wish
them well!
The following will be a sort of diary
comprised of my most memorable
and personal carp related events of
2012. I expect my lack of an actual
diary has very likely come back to
haunt me a bit. That does however
mean that I can’t remember all the
blanks, which is a plus! I apologise if
it seems a bit rushed, but it was. 2012
started in January, as it seemingly
increasingly regularly does, but for
the first time it involved me standing
behind a stall at a carp show, on the
Sticky stand at the Norfolk show, an
interesting experience certainly. By
February I had not caught a carp, but
I wasn’t really expecting to. Having
fished so intensely the previous couple of seasons, I needed some reorganisation and perhaps a bit of recu-
peration before the spring. I intended
another spring on the Snake Pit, and
from previous experience, I thought I
probably wouldn’t miss much by
waiting until March. So apart from a
few cold trips with a marker rod and a
couple of pegs to get some distances,
I stayed away.
By the end of March I had not managed a carp from Snake, but I had
been back to Yateley, as unexpected
events led me into a two-night trip to
Sandhurst. I turned up in the rain and
walked round with a bucket before
deciding on the right hand of the
Island swim. Within hours I’d caught
my first Sandy fish by chucking white
choddies into the middle – a twentyplus common followed by another
common weighing 30lb 8oz.
They were followed by two blank
nights. Carp showed regularly but not
often in vacant swims. I packed up
and barrowed round but didn’t feel I
could really squeeze a couple of lines
in so settled back into my original
swim. I was more than happy, though
I felt that perhaps there were more
than two bites to have been had from
the swim. Occasionally I was taking a
little diversion en route to or from
Snake for a look at a reservoir and had
seen some fish and even been tricked
out of seven quid by them on a couple
of days.
April I spent fruitlessly at Snake,
but In May I had another day ticket
excursion. I was invited along for a
social at Burghfield Blue Pool with a
group of mainly ex-Horton members,
which sounded like fun to me, albeit
Grimmo bashing. It’s always nice to
see the main lake again too, and it
would be nearly ten years since my
last visit. I decided on a few nights at
Thorney Weir before that though, and
I’m glad I did. That was my first trip to
Thorney, and I thought it was a lovely
looking pit. Using Vor-tex bottom
baits as well as Vor-tex and White
Chocolate pop-ups I landed 11 carp;
some really pretty fish including a
nice low-twenty mirror and a cracking scaly thirty. The Blue Pool trip
proved good fun and there were several carp caught. I managed four over
the weekend and was very surprised
by how well each of them fought. A


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