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Some Fishy Recollections of My 2012
double figure common on the first day
fell to a Vor-tex choddy by the Island.
My left hand margin produced a
twenty-plus mirror as well as a nice
dark 30lb’er and a double figure mirror slipped up to a floater.
That had been a very productive
couple of trips, and I returned to
Snake confident. It refused to give me
a bite on a bottom bait, but luckily
occasionally they would eat mixers.
One morning I was summoned up the
bank to photograph an old waterpark
friend Steve’s PB tench, which was
nice to see. After a celebratory brew I
decided on a move into the Main
Snags swim and did so rapidly. Fish
were cruising up and down that bank
with their dorsal fins out, so it was
looking good for a mixer. Miraculously, most of the seagulls had perhaps gone to the beach for the day,
and I hooked a carp, but after a while
the hook pulled out in a bit of weed.
Gutted! That hook pull ended a good
run and it hurt a bit that it happened
there and then. Luckily others were
still taking, so surprisingly it wasn’t
over yet and I hooked another. After a
My first one from the Club water.
good scrap a big, old looking mirror
went into the net. Yeah, happy daze!
Rumour has it that it may have originally been in the Garrison. A Snake
thirty – buzzing. I phoned Steve and
asked him to come and take some
shots, I thought it might change his
mind about carp a bit and though he
agreed that it was an impressive carp,
he returned to his tenching.
Maybe a couple of hours later I
hooked another, which sped off to the
right and the mainline became
caught on a submerged snag. The fish
was boiling at a nasty angle, but snag
free where it was, so I eased it back,
cringing with each grate on the line. It
became locked up, so I tried a few
tricks, which proved failures, before
back-winding whilst climbing the
steps at the back of the swim. Up on
the high bank I tried some similar
tricks and leant into it but felt it move
slightly. A nasty crack sounded horribly close to my spigot and the tip section looked a bit off. Really that fish
had a massive opportunity to escape
and my new mainline appeared a
good choice. I was a bit shocked
when it went into the net, and on
closer inspection it appeared that my
spigot had shattered but held. In the
clear water it twisted and turned in
front me and another lad, digging into
the bottom trying to shed the hook.
As soon as I saw it I knew which one
it was – a repeat of my first ever
Snake carp – but it looked a lot bigger
this time; over 10lb heavier and
weighing 35lb 8oz, an awesome fish. I
phoned Steve to see if he wanted to
see another thirty, and I knew if ever
there was one to turn a tencher into a
carper it was this one!
A brace of thirties in a day off the
top from Snake! I was well happy
with that, though I did wonder about
the one I lost. Snake doesn’t hold a
massive head of thirties, so it did look
as if the biggies were out and about
together. The next day I hooked
another on a mixer which was a fish
called the Long Common. That was
an exciting fight and got me a bit
shaky but all went well and it
weighed 29lb-plus – lovely.
The next day I moved into the Double for a bit, and frustratingly


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