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It’s time to take on the pros!
Professional anglers Scott Martin and Ali
Hamidi feature in Fishing Sim World: Pro
Tour that launches today.
We are happy to announce Fishing Sim
World: Pro Tour, the major update to
Dovetail Games Fishing Sim World, is
available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One
and PC.
Chatham, Kent 18th July 2019: Fish
against angling champions Scott Martin
and Ali Hamidi and fulfil your dream of
becoming the world’s best thanks to the
latest feature-packed release from Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, available now on
PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
The brand new career mode feature
will bring over 100 of the best professional anglers from bass, carp and predator fishing for you to compete against and
ultimately beat in your pursuit of becoming the number one ranked elite angler in
the world. Choose your path from bass,
carp or predator tournament series or
master all three. Gain career earnings and
social media followers as you progress
from amateur to elite and unlock sponsorship opportunities from over 50 licensed
Players will need all their skills to successfully locate and then catch 29 different species of fish – each exhibiting different real-world behaviors, with barbel,
channel catfish, rainbow and brown trout
being new to this update. Three brand
new venues including established tournament destinations – Lake Guntersville
and Lake Travis have been added to give
ten unique lakes overall. Hundreds of
items of equipment from major brands
including Evinrude, 13 Fishing and Korda
will help you successfully locate and
catch the 250-plus trophy fish that await.
New custom multiplayer allows you to
set the rules when competing online.
Choose from a wide range of options
such as weather conditions, scoring
method and time limits. Take part in
online tournaments and the ‘Dovetail
Fishing League’ where you compete in
weekly tournaments for coveted rewards.
Scott Martin, the most successful FLW
Twist+ 300
Light up everything
with the Twist+ 300
Tour bass angler of all time and the host
of the Scott Martin Challenge TV show on
Discovery Channel has joined the career
mode: “I’ve been spending hours playing
the game in readiness for the launch! I’m
blown away by the authenticity and level
of detail – it really is a must-have for any
fishing fan. Most importantly, I’m ready
for career mode, and I look forward to
seeing you on the leaderboards!”
On the carp fishing side, Ali Hamidi,
leading UK carp angler and executive
producer and presenter of ITV’s Monster
Carp and The Big Fish Off shows is also
part of the career mode:
“As an angling ambassador, I look for
anything that can increase participation
in this great sport, and working with
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, I know that
this game will do just that. There is so
much depth from career mode to tournaments and detailed tutorials making it
ideal for young or old, experienced
anglers or those just starting out.
Rob O’Farrell, SVP of Development at
Dovetail Games: “Fishing Sim World: Pro
Tour is a huge release with an unbelievable amount of content for players to get
stuck into. We can’t wait to see how
everyone fares taking on the likes of Scott
and Ali in career mode, and we are confident that existing players will love this
free update as well.”
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is a FREE
update for all current owners of Fishing
Sim World and is available to buy now on
PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for
£14.99. Also available to buy now is the
Giant Carp Pack that features two incredible venues – the historic Wraysbury 1
South Lake in the UK and the incredible
Gillhams Fishing Resort in Thailand,
adding five brand new species of fish.
The Giant Carp Pack is available across
all platforms for £11.99.. n
Packed full of features for this
winter, the new Twist+ 300 R
Lantern from outdoor expert
Coleman is incredibly bright and
lets you light up your house, garden or the path after dark for up
to 300 hours (on low setting) this
winter. Even more convenient, it
doubles up as a handy phone
charger, so even if your power
does go down, you’ll never be
without charge on your smart
phone or tablet.
It’s incredibly rugged construction also means that the
lantern can deal with extreme
wear and tear and will even survive an accidental drop from 2
metres. Featuring an integrated
USB port the lantern can be easily charged at home or in the car.
It includes the brand’s innovative BatteryLockT technology,
put the power of light in your
hands this autumn season with
the new Coleman Twist 300
Lantern. n


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