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Some Fishy Recollections of My 2012
repeated Single on a mixer. That was
the last carp I hooked off the surface
at Snake, though I did miss some
embarrassing takes later in the season. I fancied a go at replacing the
spigot in my floater rod much more
than I fancied buying another, so I set
about it. It appeared ok-ish, but I didn’t trust it yet, so had a couple of trips
to a local day ticket to test it out. On
one day I walked into a swim and the
margin was crawling with carp. I
flicked some mixers in and they took
them. Aha, I thought, game on. The
plan was to free-line and fish for only
the ones with the big mouths. Unfortunately that backfired, as the second
I turned around to go and get my
floater rod and stalking gear from the
van, the ducks appeared. With no one
to unnerve them, I knew what they
would be doing, and it wouldn’t be
helping me in only eighteen inches of
water. I got back and shooed the
ducks away before dropping some
more mixers in. Those big lips never
returned, but some double figure
commons did and put up a great
scrap, giving me a bit of confidence in
the new bodgit spigot.
Although Snake seemed reluctant
to surrender me a bottom bait fish, so
far the season was going well. To be
honest I’d expected to fish the spring
on Snake before heading off up to
Cambridge in June, should I be lucky
enough to gain membership for the
venue, a tricky pit of some 90 acres or
so. Interestingly, by the time Snake
had apparently produced seven captures in 2012, the other venue had
apparently seen 27 on the bank,
largely due to Darrell Peck. It struck
me that I was doing things arse about
face, and so I hoped to switch the two
venues round next year. Because the
Snake fish hadn’t been out for around
a year she felt like she was well due,
so I was keen to stay put and put the
other pit on the back burner. Waking
up to a screaming Stevie on the first
of June, I eventually took my first
Snake carp off the bottom of 2012, a
nice deep scraper twenty common,
Chuffed with my first one from the Gipping.
which unfortunately proved to be a
repeat capture. Later on that month I
spent a couple of nights with a friend
on another Essex club water and
caught my first fish from the venue in
the shape of a short, fat double figure
mirror… and unfortunately, a swan.
Throughout the last few months I
had been baiting the River Stour with
the intention of fishing it, as it was on
the way to Snake. I’d picked what
seemed like the most appealing carp
holding area on the stretch and commenced regular prebaiting. Unfortunately when the season started due to
the new weed growth, my area no
longer looked very appealing. Lots of
small fish were showing over the area
every time I visited, and the bottom
was getting cleaner. However, I didn’t
see one carp and only ended up doing
one night there. That proved a total
waste of effort, and I found it difficult
to get motivated when Snake was
calling so loudly. I’ve had a few carp
from the Stour in previous years,
though no 20lb’ers yet, but I had only


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