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Some Fishy Recollections of My 2012
ever seen one carp in the more local
River Gipping.
Despite many hours looking, until
2012, the only carp I had seen in the
Gipping was a ghostie of around 1lb,
and probably pike food. They were
certainly there though, and in 2012,
due to the floods, they were joined by
some more. I managed to stalk a common of around 8lb that I watched pick
up my bait, so regardless of its head
being a bit too close to its tail I was
well chuffed with it and took some
self takes.
Weeks later I lost a fully scaled of
about 4lb, which was quite funny
really. I had the bite, which was a ripper and the fish felt beat straight
away, so I winched it in. It came in on
the surface, wallowing. I could see it
was small but pretty and thought to
myself how disappointing a fight it
had given for even a baby river carp.
Then it turned, pelted off downstream
and the hook pulled out! That still
won’t learn me, I thought, but at least
I had seen it was a wee ’un.
I was a bit worried for a while, as I
had seen bits of a dead common in
the edge at Snake, and she wasn’t to
be seen sitting in the snags. Then one
day I skidded down the slope into the
bush by the gate, peeked over the
camo netting, and there she was –
awesome, nice and dark with no visible fresh scars, and easily 40lb-plus,
but she knew I was there and waddled away. Snake was starting to get
nice and weedy, so the fish seemed
happier, and it was getting exciting. I
managed one very wet and windy trip
up to Cambridge and saw some fish
but didn’t manage a bite. Snake had
me gripped; though it was certainly
proving difficult, and I hate to admit
it, but even after the amount of nights
I spent there I never caught one carp
whilst it was dark! A bit out of the
blue it all came together in August. By
then it was very weedy and there
were lots of areas I that deemed
unfishable without some raking work
first. Fishing into a raked-out channel
I caught two – the first was another
target, Lettuce Leaf, at a touch over
thirty, and the second was my third
capture of a double figure linear.
On my next trip to Snake, it happened back in the same swim and a
couple of nights after raking a new
channel for my left hand rod. At just
before 9am, and ending two very frustratingly carpy mornings, my left
hand rod fishing a snowman (20mm
Vor-tex bottom bait and 16mm popup) over a mix tore off. An already
exciting scrap was made far more so
t h e s e c o n d t i m e I s a w w h a t I ’d
hooked. The first time it had rolled I’d
assumed it was the Long Common
again. There was no mistaking it the
second, and thankfully, eventually, the
fish of my dreams lay in my net looking immense. She weighed in at 49lb,
and apart from one small old white
scar she looked stunning. Incredible! I
was blown away by it to be honest.
My first 40lb common and well worth
the waiting time, but I’m glad I
haven’t got to do it again! Excluding
repeats, she was my eighth different
carp from the venue, and there are
likely 50-odd in there, so previously I
had felt as if there was a long way to
One last one from Horton.


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