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Some Fishy Recollections of My 2012
The biggest mirror in the lake was my last carp of 2012, and one I was happy to end with.
be nice. Whilst there I went for a look
at the Crayfish Pool and the Island
Lake after meeting Slippery on the
way back from good ol’ Robin Bastards. Nice, but it was rods back out
at Horton for my second night. After a
move, using a 12mm Krill boilie with a
bit of fake corn two-rod tricked up the
left hand margin from the Spindly
Tree, I caught a carp. It was a fairly
recent stockie, but well grown-on
already – a pretty fish weighing
around 25lbs. It was only late into my
last season there that I had realised
the potential of that spot. I’d hooked a
hefty feeling fish but lost it almost
under tip, so it was nice to land one
from there.
My third night was another blank,
so then it was a short stalking trip on
Kingsmead One before heading off to
Fox Pool for a couple of nights. But
before that I went for a brew in the
Captors swim with the Gurr and got
to see the awesome Black Tail one
last time. So off I went to see its previous home. I know it’s different to
years ago, but where isn’t? I thought I
ought to make the pilgrimage. Very
nice, saw some nice fish, caught none
and got cleaned out but enjoyed it.
Then it was off back to Suffolk with a
short stop at, and a quick lap of, the
Club Pit. Once home and a bit reorganised, I nipped off up the Gipping
to put some bait in – since I’d been
away it had now been a while. Unfortunately some geezer informed me
that whilst I was away it had flooded
harder than he had ever seen it and
that there had also been a seal on it
and signs didn’t look very promising,
so I lost a bit of interest. October and
November saw me fishing the Club
Lake, but my timing was a bit wrong
and the target had been caught twice
the week before, just the right side of
40lb too! I managed a dozen from
there in the end with the best being
the biggest mirror in the lake at midthirties. Eventually as it cooled down
it seemed to slow up to the point that
it looked like I might be wasting some
time so I called it quits. Time for some
work and then back in the spring, I
December saw me with a van malfunction caused by a very wet fuse
box, so I spent the occasional night
on the beach. Once the van was running again, I had one blank social
night on a local day ticket. A very
poor day’s piking on the Gipping didn’t inspire me, but Christmas day saw
me spending a few hours fly fishing
with a friend and his very patient missus. Whilst not sheltering from the
rain we caught one rainbow each. A
nice touch to Christmas Day, and I ate
mine on Boxing Day – excellent!
Obviously I have skimmed over a lot
of it, and I apologise for the lack of
scenic pictures, but it isn’t easy to fit
a year into a few pages. So far this
year, as I write this, all I have managed to catch is whiting from the
beach, but my carp fishing in 2013
looks set to start in March, so I’d best
get me arse in gear quick then! Have
a good ’un!
Best of luck, Ben Dowers. n


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