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Farriers – The Golden Lake
here are probably a
few people reading
my article who are not
familiar with this
amazing lake, so I’ll
start with a brief
description. Farriers is a fantastic
gravel pit, which is run by the Carp
Society and located in the beautiful
picturesque Cotswold countryside.
Even if you fish well, Farriers can
often be a challenging venue; it’s
loaded with features and there’s also
plenty of weed to contend with. But
on the plus side, it’s also home to
some stunning big carp. Believe me,
I’m not exaggerating when I say that
Farriers really is a carp angler’s
It all started for me at the back end
of last season. At the time most of the
members seemed to be using the
same bait, so there were immediately
some important decisions to be made.
After a long chat with Gary Bayes at
the bait factory, we decided that
using something different to the rest
rather than just trying to copy could
actually give me an edge. We thought
it certainly wouldn’t work against me.
At the time Monster Squid seemed to
be catching everywhere, which was
hard to ignore; it’s an instant catcher
that seems to go on catching indefinitely too, so we decided it would be
the best option for me.
The Monster proved to be an
incredibly instant carp catcher for me
on Farriers, because it provides the
fish with an exceptional quality food
source, and unlike many instant carp
(Top) Diffusion rig components.
(Below left) My bait of choice.
(Below right) Chops and a range of
sizes created heavy feeding.
catchers, it’s consistently reliable and
definitely has big fish appeal as well.
The bait also comes with a large
range of matching peripheral products; these being pellets, fast dissolving Chain Reaction, Soluballs, special
hookbaits and dips. This allows the
thinking angler to fish effectively in
just about any angling situation likely
to be encountered.
I knew from experience that it
wouldn’t take long to wean the fish
onto it, but even so initially I decided
to bait heavily, and on my first visit I
spent the day exploring and introducing bait onto any likely looking spots
that looked good for a bite. In total I
probably used 25kg that first day. I
repeated this several times over the
coming weeks, and by then the fish
were really on it!
Rig Thoughts
Rig concealment plays a big part in
my angling, and with Farriers being
very clear and also a shallow lake, the
Nash Diffusion Camo range of rig
components was the obvious choice
for me. In case you are not familiar
with this rather unique range of components, I’ll explain my thinking
behind my choice. In my experience
when fishing with conventional solid
colour rig components, they rarely
blend effectively on the bottom; in
fact they often stand out horribly.
Even if they look OK in the margins,
I’m never sure how they will look if
cast further out into the lake. But Diffusion leaders, tubing and beads are
colour and light reactive and blend
perfectly against any lakebed colours
and shades. Place them on gravel and
they lighten and disappear, move the
same set up onto darker weed and
again it changes and melts away. It’s
not just hype – these products genuinely are special! If you are still not
convinced, I recommend you do yourself a big favour, get hold of one of the
leaders and conduct your own experiments – I guarantee you will be
impressed! Success in carp fishing is
often based on percentage points and
the more points you can stack in your


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