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Farriers – The Golden Lake
favour the better, and when fishing for
spooky, pressured carp I’m convinced
Diffusion provides a definite edge.
Thinking more about end tackle, I
never go to any water with lots of rigs
ready tied; instead I like to construct
them on the bank to perfectly suit the
bottom and the conditions I am fishing in. Whether it’s weed, silt, gravel
or whatever, if you’ve got a rig board
of ready tied rigs, there’s always the
temptation to cast out something that
‘will do’, which in the long run will
cost you fish. It’s one of the reasons
why I’m not a big fan of the ‘chuck it
and chance it’ chod. Don’t get me
wrong; the chod rig will catch well if
constructed and used correctly, but
somehow it’s not for me.
I’ve caught well on Farriers using
just a couple of relatively simple but
well proven rigs. The first is a pop-up
rig, constructed from 10in of 20lb
Nash Missing Link using the silt
colour option, a size 8 Fang X hook
(which are razor sharp), a size 8
swivel, which is connected to a Diffusion Safety Bolt Bead and a 3oz pear
lead. For hookbaits and to complete
the rig, I like to use a small piece of rig
putty to counterbalance a wafting
15mm Monster Squid pop-up.
The second presentation is a snow-
man setup. The rig is constructed in
the same way as the pop-up rig but
with a longer hair. This time there’s
no need to counterbalance the hookbait with rig putty. I’ve found that the
15mm bottom bait and matching
10mm pop-up combines perfectly to
create a perfect wafting hookbait. It’s
an easy mouthful for a feeding carp,
and if it’s a cautious feeder, the buoyancy maximises the chance of the
bait being taken in. I use this type of
rig for 90% of my fishing on Farriers.
Both of these simple rigs will sit per-
fectly over most bottoms, creating a
very effective presentation. On a few
occasions when the fish were proving
to be a bit tricky and I just could not
get a pick up on the pop up rig, simply
swapping to the bottom bait/snowman, even when fishing over deep
silt, often produced instant takes.
So as you can see, I like to use very
simple rigs that work. Combine them
with a quality well proven bait, and I
can just concentrate on location and
bait application and be confident that
I’ll catch well.
35lb 5oz.


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