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Farriers – The Golden Lake
Getting The Rods Out
For The First Time
The next trip was incredible; I set up
on the back of the wind in late
September. The air pressure was
bang-on with a huge low approaching. I cast the rods into a prebaited
area and introduced around 4kg of
bait on each spot. Sitting back and
relaxing with a cup of tea, it felt good,
and I was sure that all the time, hard
work and effort would produce a
It didn’t take long, and within an
hour, a single bleep on the Siren indicated fish on! I was on it like a flash,
and after a long, hard battle, a stunning common slipped into the net.
Weighing in at just under 40lb, I was
over the moon, and the Cradle was
full of Monster Squid ‘sludge’, which
had been pumped out by the first fish,
so they were obviously on the bait.
Over the next two days I landed a further 15 fish including six 30lb-plus
commons, and my confidence was
sky high.
The next trip was a little later in the
Often the Cradle was full of Monster sludge!
year. I know it doesn’t pay to go fishing with too much of a preconceived
plan, but on the way I was already
thinking of fishing the same swim.
But as it turned out, it was already
occupied. Filling it in on that first visit
created a real hotspot and the swim
had been rarely vacant. Anyway, I
walked the lake several times formulating a plan, and I fished open water
between two large weedbeds and
again baited heavily. But this time my
bait was heavily glugged in a mix of
the dense heavy matching Food Dip
and the oil based Boilie Dip. From
experience I knew this combination
The Linear.


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