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Farriers – The Golden Lake
A New Year And A
New Start
Riser Pellets were an instant success.
creates a kind of curtain of attraction
from the lakebed to the surface, and
it’s got the potential to pull fish in
from quite a distance. Once again it
worked. At 3.30am the right hand rod
was away, and another hard fighting
really solid looking common of around
28lb slipped into the net.
The next day I woke and could
sense a kind of mood change. I don’t
think anything else had been caught
around the lake, so it was time for a
rethink. In these situations I find my
eyes and ears are usually my most
useful asset. At around 4pm I spotted
a few small flat spots around my
baited area, created, I surmised, by
something disturbing my glugged
baits. Suddenly the left hand rod
ripped off and after another hard
fought battle I landed another stunner, this time weighing at around
After rebaiting and casting, I again
sat watching and thinking, but somehow the lake seemed lifeless. The
night passed and so did the morning
and with no bites, so I started a slow
pack up. Suddenly the alarm bleeped.
Once you learn to read them, the
feedback from the Sirens is easy to
interpret, and they do help to put
bonus fish on the bank, particularly on
pressured venues. The indicator lifted
slightly; I picked up the rod, tightened
up and I was in! This time a very powerful fish proceeded to plough
through several weedbeds with
frightening speed and power. At first
glance of the fish in the water, I knew
it was a special one, and after another
ferocious scrap and a few heart-stopping moments, the fish was finally in
the net. The needle on the scales
crept around to 40lb 2oz, and as you
can imagine I was over the moon!
Show Time
Unfortunately that was my last trip
that year; it was show time and I was
on the road with Nash. Over the year,
as well as the larger national shows,
we also visit lots of fisheries and
tackle shops. It’s a lot of fun, and we
always enjoy meeting our fellow
anglers and valued customers. It’s
very much a two way process; we
learn from each other and the feedback from you guys also helps to get
the products right.
Anyway, before I knew it, spring
had arrived. I stuck to the plan (why
change it if it works?) and again
baited heavily. Initially a lot of fish
were coming out on singles, but I
stuck with it and as the weather got
warmer the fishing just got better and
It was quite a ‘riggy’ water with all
kinds of complex concoctions being
chucked at the fish, but as with the
bait, I just stuck to something simple
and well proven – 20lb Missing Link
and size 8 Fang X hooks. Diffusion rig
tube, 3oz dumpy pear leads and Weed
Safe Bolt Beads provided maximum
strength and concealment. Nothing
groundbreaking, but it works!
At the end of the spring I recall one
session with a big low-pressure fishing on the back of a big southwest
wind. 24 hours passed and with nothing to show, it was time to go mobile
and fish off the barrow. Eventually I
found a group of fish bubbling and
fizzing in a small bay.
Without spooking the fish, I scattered some bait in a mixture of sizes,
which instantly got the fish rooting
around and searching for food. I introduced more; they just couldn’t get
enough of it. I let the fish feed on a
steady trickle of bait for the rest of the
afternoon without any lines in the
water just to get their confidence up.
It was a tricky spot to fish effectively
with plenty of weed and silt to contend with. At around 6pm the rigs
went out and on went the kettle.
The fizzing and feeding continued;


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