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Farriers – The Golden Lake
the lines started to twitch and pull,
there was a single bleep and again I
was into a fish. Everything went like
clockwork; the lead dropped off, and
there was a huge boil on the surface.
The fight was long and slow as the
fish plodded around the swim. Once
again I saw some huge shoulders as
the fish broke the surface for the first
time, and I knew it was another special fish. After another arm wrenching
scrap, this one tipped the scales to
39lb 2oz. It was also one of the more
elusive fish; it even had a full curtain
in its mouth and was a rare visitor to
the bank, which made it even more
special. More fish followed; it was a
memorable session, and I packed up
very happy indeed.
A Change Of
A new season arrived, and by then
more and more anglers were using
the Monster, which I was more than
happy with. The thing is with this
bait, the more that goes in the better
the fishing gets, and I knew that if I
continued to fish hard I’d continue to
catch well. The season progressed,
and as I predicted, the fish really got
on the bait and my catch rates just
got better and better.
Unfortunately at the end of August,
after 23 years in the same job, I was
made redundant. But looking on the
bright side, I had been building up my
own tuition business for a while, and
I’m actually the ‘in house’ instructor
on the Carp Society’s Horseshoe
Lake. So I decided to concentrate on
that, and also only being eight miles
from Farriers, there would be plenty of
time to fish there too!
Back on Farriers during the summer months, the fish spent a lot of the
time on the surface. Nashy had just
brought out the new Riser Pellet,
which is a mix of different size pellets
– some float, others slowly sink. In a
way it kind of mimics a fly hatch or
some other kind of natural occurrence, and it really seemed to grab the
carp’s attention.
I first tried the pellets on a group of
carp milling around on the top in a
small bay, and I was amazed at the
way they reacted to them. They went
mad for it! My hands were shaking as
I tried to set up my floater rod watching all those mouths sucking in the
bait. I will never forget that session –
I landed 12 fish including six more
thirties with fish up to 39lb 8oz –
amazing! The Risers are a unique
product; you don’t need to use large
quantities, and they produced a number multiple hits of fish for me.
September soon arrived, which is
my favourite time of the year, and I
gradually switched my attentions
back to the bottom. I’d kept the bait
going in during the warmer months,
and the fish still loved it. I continued
to catch well, and was soon rewarded
with yet another 40! A week or so
later, I was back in the same swim
and catching well with the biggest
one of the trip pushing the scales
around to 42lb 12oz. I was buzzing
and enjoying some very special fishing.
So that just about brings the story
up to date for now. In the last six
months I’ve landed 126 fish – 28 thirties and two forties, which is not bad
for a venue supposedly dominated by
another company’s bait!
I’m sure I’ll be revisiting the lake at
some point, but for the time being it’s
now time for a new challenge, and I’m
already looking at another big pit that
holds some proper big old chunks.
The new lake is never far from my
thoughts, and I’m busy concocting a
new plan. I’m confident that my bait,
rigs and tactics will get me off to a flying start, but even so, every lake is different so I may have to fine tune or
rethink some aspects, but for me
that’s all part of the buzz of carp fishing. But that’s a story that I can tell
you more about next time. n


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