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The Best of Rockford
Flower at 30lb 12oz.
five 30s for him, which he landed in a
session. It was incredible to see and
opened my eyes to see the fish were
not at all fussy. Si was using a short
rig on a flying chod, which he found
behind his swim! He called it the “gaff
rig” because the hook was so big and
not the sharpest at that! Si was also
using bright red leaders. His rods
stood high with his lines as tight as
they could be. Si was using braid at
the time, and on one occasion he had
a hook pull under the rod tip. Luckily
for Si, as the carp turned to swim
away, I was quick with the net and
scooped it up. Pete and Si just stood
there in amazement at what I had just
done. It was just luck, as I had the net
sat on the bottom in position. From
that week on I had made three new
friends including Cam, and I had seen
just how it’s done by Rockford’s
proper old school anglers. It wasn’t
long before Si, Pete and Cam had convinced me that the carp in Rockford
truly loved their tigers too.
July was a good month for Si, and
by now he was on nine fish including
one of the lake’s biggest, Three
Scales, at 38lbs. Every morning that
week the carp just seemed to turn up
to feed on Si’s marks. Pete had a few
carp fishing completely differently to
his son and much closer in. The extra
weed in the lake was proving the fish
were confident to feed close in. All of
a sudden the lads moved on. It was as
if they knew the carp had taken a bit
of a hammering and the spots had
blown. For the next few weeks, Rockford went very quiet. With hardly any
anglers around, I now had my chance.
Through the grapevine I did hear
that the old tigers with Coca Cola
were a bit of a deadly method. The
caffeine might be the reason for the
carp to like it, or simply its smooth
Coke taste and smell once mixed with
the nuts. I always use hemp, so I
decided to have a mix of the tigers
and just a mug of hemp to keep the
carp in the swim. The Ivy Bank was
becoming very weedy on the bottom,
so I just wanted enough bait sat on
the weed to get the fish searching.
The area I chose to fish was not a million miles away from where Si was
fishing, and from the off at 10am the
following morning I saw at least half a
dozen carp rolling over the bait.
Within minutes my right hand rod
was away. What a take, and the fight
was awesome. It was a lovely mirror
of 27lbs. My first fish on braid and a
new method I had never used before
– the chodded tiger nut!
I decided that by using tiny 1oz
leads, the leadcore would sit nicely
over the weed, but wasn’t happy
using the standard chod in case it got
buried in the weed, which was now
3ft up in the water layers. So for the
best presentation the chod rig was
increased to 6ins. I wanted to lay a
trap so the lead would tap into the
weed followed by the leadcore just
sitting in the top layer of the weed. In
order for the rig to sit in the best point
on the leadcore without pulling down
in the weed, I fixed the rig tight
between two beads near the top of
the leadcore. It all makes sense – perfect for hooking the fish, and they
can’t use the lead to throw the hook.
Using braid was a big advantage
because it’s very good for casting an
ounce and a half lead up to 80 yards.
The leadcore weighs a bit, so that
makes up for the small lead. With all
the weed present, it took the direct


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