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The Best of Rockford
contact of the braid to release the
carp when they got weeded up. I saw
so many anglers lose fish in the weed
on the mono. The braid was a perfect
choice for me. One, it doesn’t tangle
its way into the weed over periods of
time; two, it’s direct to the fish, so
enabling a better chance of pulling
‘em out, and three, it’s cracking for
casting a 1oz lead over 80 yards out,
with the added weight of the lead
core. Fishing the braid bowstring
tight ensured the braid would tuck
itself away in the weed and was also
ideal for hooking the carp. Welsh John
emptied Rockford in previous years
fishing with tight lines and just a simple hair rig. This was all so new and
totally different way of angling, and
contradicted how I previously fished.
Fishing on the Ivy Bank suddenly
slowed up, and it’s not surprising
what with the 15-odd carp that had
been caught. My next session caught
me just one more carp from peg 36,
which was the Leather, spawned out
at 32lbs. Again there was another
good fish show and just the one carp.
I was sure the same group of fish
were coming back regularly in search
of the Coke and Dynamite tigers. As
mid-August approached, another
slow week prevailed so I felt it was
time for a move. My 80-yard mark was
clearing and the carp were avoiding
the hookbaits. The lake had been
quiet during early August and from
peg 36 I could see the Alice Lisle Bank
had been void of anglers most days. A
few carp had been caught from the
bays, so I guessed the carp would
surely be stopping off at the Alice on
their usual patrol route to open water
at night.
First choice was peg 22, which was
smack in the middle of the Alice Bank
and had a history of producing. I had
a few things on that week, and so I
only had time for a quick overnighter.
I picked two spots to fish: one over
dense weed, which was up to 3ft from
the surface and a sandy smooth patch
to its right. Each spot got half a dozen
Spomb loads of the mix and the fixed
chods over the top. Fishing a 5in chod
over the sandy patch didn’t seem like
Peg 38 at last doors with a nice dark 30lb-plus mirror.
a good idea, but I knew a nut presented this way was something new
to these carp. The light went and the
wind and rain began. It was a rough
old night with a direct westerly into
the swim. At first light I was into a
good carp, which showed on the take
in shallow water. Slow, lunging pulls
is always a good sign, and before long
she was in the net. A dark looking
Three Scales looked up at me and it
looked big. My mate Carlo came
down to help out and weigh Rocky’s
biggie at 45lbs 3oz. She sure likes her
tigers! For now it was time to keep
quiet until I could return for another
My next session began with a couple of bream, which was always a
welcome sign that the carp were not
far away. The short, light-hearted bite
indications from the bream were
short lived, followed by silence and
then the left hand rod was flying by
the time I hit it. This time it was a
male fish and went 30lbs 8oz. It came
early in the session as they all do.
Once the weekenders had come and


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