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The Best of Rockford
gone I returned once again to a lovely
quiet Rockford. Rods out and I just
knew nobody had fished the densely
weeded up areas. Early action was on
the menu, and after a hectic night of
bream the carp soon turned up to
clear up. Yet again another brace of
thirties graced the bank. I was quite
sure they were both Rocky’s known
winter forties, which made the brace
even more special. Dean helped me
out once again and took some cracking shots for me. We weighed the
Deep One at 36lbs 10oz followed by
the Long One at 34lbs 4oz.
The first night I lost a very large
fish. It was one those fish that had
control of the fight as it held bottom
hard and moved slowly from left to
right. The braid got me even more
worried as it pinged off its dorsal
before the hook popped out. Soon
after I hooked the fastest carp ever,
which weeded me up and shortly got
away. What started off a disaster soon
came right when I landed one of
(Top) Long exposures often show
Rockford in its true glory.
(Below) Peg 35. When I picked up the
rod the fish jumped right out! 29lb
Rockford’s finest with some added
help from Dean. This one must have
had a bit of ghostie in it, as it lay on its
side in the net like a stiff board with
its pecs out hard. It was the Camel at
a weight of 33lbs 14oz. Dean and Ace
were well impressed! After another
one at 37lbs 2oz, it confirmed to me
my bait presentation was working
whether it was over dense weed or a
clear spot. Being September things
were chilling off, and I decided to pull
off for more important matters – my
fiancée. I was satisfied with Rockford
for now and needed time off the bank.
Two weeks into the season of 2011,
I rolled into the car park of Rockford
with Carlo just for an overnighter. I
chose the back of the wind and was
told the Ivy Bank hadn’t produced a
carp yet. The water was shallower
and weedier at 80 yards, so I clipped
all three rods to that range and began
fishing. I nearly always take this
approach and clip the spod rod just a
bit further to keep the carp well away


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