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The Best of Rockford
Peg 8. Fourth capture of Three Scales at 48lb 11oz.
from my main lines. A quiet night
passed and I woke to a big black carp
jumping sideways over the spot.
Carlo and I watched a load more
shows before the right hand rod rattled off. First session of the season
and I was in! Carlo quickly got the HD
camera out, and the battle commenced. This was the start I wished
for and a nice fish of 22lbs 2oz graced
my net. At this time it was quality and
not quantity in the weed, and the carp
sure do like the Dynamite tigers. I
have found the best results are from
the Frenzied Monster Tigers in a tin.
The carp love ‘em and they are just
the right size and plump enough for
the perfect hookbait as well. For
freshness and quality, I always choose
Dynamite Tigers in a tin.
The result I had didn’t go unnoticed, and the lads from along the
bank had a go once I had gone. I was
fairly confident the carp were on my
mix and would stop for nothing else.
My timing must have been perfect for
my next visit, as I saw another massive show of carp over the spots with
sometimes two at the same time
showing. This time it was the lefthander and I was in again. The braid
had me in direct contact to the fish
and from the off it took 50 yards of
braid before ultimately finding a
weedbed. The carp stopped as soon
as it hit the weed, and a moment later
it was off again. Kiting to the right I
had no choice but to let the fish run. I
was so relieved when that second run
was over, but the battle was still
strong right to the net. My mate Chris
up the bank was well impressed with
the fight, and it was not long before
he put the bream to one side and
started targeting the carp. What made
this result special wasn’t just the fight
but what lay in my net. It was a
cracker and one of Rockford’s scaly
ones. I remember Si telling me there
was one with scaling in the shape of
flowers on the side, so this had to be
it. At 30lbs 12oz the fish looked stunning and the weight was very acceptable. An hour passed, and while the
rods were still out I got the van
reversed within feet of the swim.
Whilst loading the van I heard the
sweet tone of the Neville and I was in
again at the very last doors. Chris
started filming while the fight commenced. This carp was tamed to the
net somewhat easier than the previous one, and a nice touch at 30lb-plus.
Another successful session on Rockford, and I was looking forward to the
next. I did hear another angler moved
in after me, fished out to the same
area I had been baiting and caught
single scale at 45lbs. I was pleased for
him and felt if I had stayed on, who
knows? But that’s fishing.
A couple of days later I got back in
the swim and thought I should give it
one last go in Peg 38. I felt so lazy
fishing it, but that bit of shallow water
was where the carp wanted to feed.
At 75 yards I found a good coverage
of weed on the bottom and decided to
fish there. I put about ten Spombs of
Coke and Dynamite tigers out to the
mark and settled down. Once again I
had a bream before the continual high
pitch tone of the Neville filled the air.
It was a slow, heavy and solid weight
on the end, and for every few yards I
gained, the big fish managed to weed
itself up. When I got it in close, it came


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