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The Best of Rockford
Peg 36. Rarer than hen’s teeth! 35lb 15oz
kind of hatch buildup in the Big Bay.
The weed hadn’t taken a hold like last
year and so the carp are back to their
old habits spending less time in areas
and more time in the middle out of
reach. I did a session on the back of a
big wind in peg 38 on the last week in
June and never had a single bleep –
not even a bream. It wasn’t worth
moving, as nothing came out elsewhere so it was a gamble to see if the
carp would drift in from their sanctuary out in the middle.
Moving on into August and I have
been struggling to catch a carp. Most
importantly my efforts have been
focused on catching an autumn
whacker before the lake is opened to
the masses. It was recently brought
to my attention that Three Scales had
passed away. She weighed 54Ibs and
was full of eggs. By now Three Scales
should have visited the bank, and
being spawnbound explains why she
didn’t. All the carp were so keen to
get into the big bay to spawn, and
each time they did they were caught.
I’m sure this unsettled them and
broke their pattern.
The beginning of September
brought a chill in the air by night, and
I was lucky enough to catch a 34lb
8oz mirror and another of 23lb 10oz
from peg 36. The mark was 127 yards
in line with Peg 7 and the reeds. I was
trying out Dynamite’s Chilly Nuts,
chodded of course, and they worked.
A few days passed and I was back in
the swim. It was hard work reaching
the spots, as the wind was right in my
face. The left and right rods were out
ok, but I was more satisfied to get the
middle rod bang on the money.
About half eight the next morning,
my mate Roger had a nice mirror of
28lbs and minutes after my middle
rod absolutely tore off. I saw no birds
over the spots and knew it could only
be a carp. It took thirty yards of braid
before I could stop the fish, and then
the long, heavy battle began – slow
plodding all the way back, and we
knew it was a real chunk. Under the
rod tip I had a real battle as the carp
stayed deep for nearly five minutes
constantly burying its head into
scraps of weed in the bottom. Finally
I got a glimpse of her, and it wasn’t
long before I lead her into the net. I
noticed it was a special one and was
not a fish we had seen before. I found
later it was “rarer than hen’s teeth”
and at a good weight of 35lb 15oz. I
was we’ll chuffed.
With my time becoming more limited I have really thought hard about
where my fishing was going. Carping
in the Ringwood valley has become
so busy and time demanding, and I
really am looking for a big change
away from what has become flooded.
I still have work to do on Rockford,
and so I will continue to have a go,
but for a change I will search for bigger carp and fish for the unknown –
new adventures outside the valley,
I would like to dedicate this article
to my gorgeous fiancée and my
daughter Sofia who have supported
me so much. n


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