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Christchuch’s Finest
By Gaz “Scuffy” Jones
joined Christchurch in April
knowing that the lake held
some of the best looking creatures in the country, but at the
same time I was also fishing a
low-stocked water in Cambridge, so at first my time on there
would be limited. By the time I managed my first session on the venue it
was the start of August.
I managed to catch several stunning twenties, plus my first
Christchurch thirty, a cracking 32lb
mirror. I sat and watched the fish
showing far too regularly, and my first
impression was that the carp were up
in the top layers, so I opted to fish
three zigs rigs, which resulted in my
last fish out of Christchurch that year,
a stunning 34lb mirror. I fished for
several more sessions throughout the
winter without a bite; the lake
seemed to have shut up shop, and, to
my knowledge, the lake didn’t do a
bite for several weeks.
It was then after another
Christchurch blank in mid-January
Baby Bazil.
that my good friend John and I
decided to have the last night of the
session on Willow, knowing that it
was fishing very well. It proved to be
a good move, as John had a cracking
30lb common and I managed a 23lb
common. I left happy, knowing I
would be able to get back in a week
for some welcome winter action.
My next session was four nights at
the end of January, which resulted in
a ten-fish hit with a brace of thirties.
The pick of the bunch was Baby Bazil
at 36lb 4oz, which kicked the session
off nicely. I had one more session,
which was two nights on the Willow
before it was time to get back on the
Church, which resulted in several fish
topped by a 30lb common and a
cracking 34lb 12oz mirror, an excellent winter result as I’m sure you will
agree. At the end of winter I was now
fully focused on the Church, which
began being very productive on the
maggots. A lot of fish were being
caught, and I decided to carry on fishing the way I had being doing on Wil-
low, which was large bags of maggots
over very little spod.
In early March I managed a 31lb
l i n e a r, w h i c h w a s a t y p i c a l
Christchurch fish – another scaly
beast. I managed one more take on
the bags in March from the Bacon
swim, which was the Two-Toned Mirror, and at 32lb 14oz, I was delighted.
The lake then decided to have a
moody spell in April, with only a
handful of fish coming out on zigs. I
was struggling to get back amongst
the fish until May when we had the
first real hot spell of the spring, which
would have been around the 8th of
May, when I arrived to find the fish
sunning themselves in the upper layers. I was down for a week session,
and the first couple of days were
spent floater fishing in the day and
fishing zigs at night, which turned out
to produce some awesome fishing.
The fish were hammering the Chum,
which saw me have a cracking brace
of thirty pound fish, two commons of
34lb 12 and my first Christchurch


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