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Christchurch’s Finest
biggy, the Perch Common at 39lb 6oz.
I was overwhelmed and that night,
and I celebrated by opening a few
cans of Stella.
Later on in the week the weather
had cooled down and the fish were
showing over the bar in a swim called
the New Water. I was quick to move
onto the fish, and I thought it was
time to start applying some bait. Later
that night my first fish of the year
came over bait, which was a very special capture for me personally, the
Fully Scaled at 29lb, but the weight
was irrelevant as it was a breathtaking creature. I sticked out another
10kg of the Spicy Fishmeal boilies,
which I had been generously given by
a friend, Phil Davey, who was fishing
on Stoneacres, which runs adjacent to
the lake on the same complex. The
fish loved the bait, and I landed
another ten fish throughout the
remainder of the session. Things
really started to happen the next session and the fish were hammering the
bait, I was in the swim called End
Trees and throughout the first night I
received countless liners and
watched them showing over my spot!
I was rewarded with six bites, and
Hartleys was the pick of the bunch at
33lb 3oz, a very rare Christchurch visitor to the bank.
I was now starting to get amongst
a lot of fish; they loved the bait, and
my confidence was sky high. My next
session I started off in a swim called
the Plate, with most of my time spent
watching the water, waiting for the
fish to give the game away. It was not
long before I saw a few showing in
front of my peg, so with no time to be
wasted, I flicked out two single hookbaits into the middle of the rings.
Within an hour of the rods being out, I
received a flying take on the middle
rod, and after an epic fight, the fish
known as the Long Fish graced the
net at 41lb 4oz, looking awesome in
the summer sun.
On my next session I arrived at
midnight after work, and after doing
several laps of the lake, I decided to
set up in a swim called the Point. At
first light I saw two fish show bang
opposite me on the far margin. A
closer look was needed, and when I
got there I was shocked to find a large
area like a Jacuzzi where the fish
were clearly having it large. Without
making it look too obvious, I went to
fetch two rods and a net in double
quick time, trying my hardest to keep
calm and not spook the feeding carp.
I cast out 20 yards past the fizzing
and quickly retrieved the lead on the
surface and lowered it on a tight line
gently onto the spot. Five minutes
later a big fish showed just to the left,
and so my second rod was placed
there, again on a single hookbait, with
my rods lying on the deck with slack
lines. The fizzing was still very
aggressive; I knew it wouldn’t take
long, and I wasn’t surprised when a
few minutes later the clutch on the
right hand rod started ticking away.
This resulted in a nice 20-plus mirror.
As I was returning the fish, I noticed
the rod tip on my other rod bounce,
and the clutch went into meltdown.
As soon I connected, I knew I had a
lump on the end, and after a very
tense fight I slipped the net under
another target fish, Poolie’s at 43lb
14oz, one of the real characters of the
lake. I caught nothing for the remainder of the session, but I left a very
happy man and I couldn’t wait to get
It was a week later, and I was making the long drive down the M1 eager
to continue such a good run of form. I
ported down past Stoneacres, waiting
for the first glimpse of the Church. To


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