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Christchurch’s Finest
my surprise there were a lot of fish on
the surface, and as an added bonus no
one was fishing for them. Luckily I
had my floater rod set up on the
porter, so I quickly grabbed my bag of
mixers and began to fill the lake with
Chum. The majority of the Chum
landed in a similar place with a few
falling short just a couple of yards off
the bank. After a couple of minutes I
heard a carp slurping at my feet. I
knew it was definitely one of the forties, so I made my first cast just past
the fish and slowly brought the bait
back into the fish’s path. There were
two dog biscuits just to the left of my
hookbait, which were both taken followed by mine a few seconds later.
There was a huge eruption with the
fish powering off into the middle of
the pit, but unfortunately one way or
another disaster struck and the line
parted – I was gutted. Later that day I
was sitting in my peg with the rods
out, picturing all the forties that the
lake contained, trying to figure out
which one I had lost. I got to the Slate
and my heart sank, as I knew it was
the one. It was 9am when I lost the
fish, and at 6pm that evening an
angler wandered up to me saying, “Is
this your rig, mate?” I replied, “it was
the Slate” and he then confirmed that
the Slate had been caught on a
beachcaster at the opposite end of
the lake with my rig well and truly
nailed 2ins in the mouth. It weighed
41lb 10oz. I was gutted to lose a target fish, and how bizarre to know the
extra weight – simply heartbreaking.
I was now back on it in peg 1 with
the baits back on the hotspots, with a
serious amount of bait out. Nothing
happened that day, but come the
early hours of the following morning
the liners started, and it wasn’t long
before I received a take. After picking
up the rod, I found that the fish was
already solid in the weed. After
putting the rod on the rest for 20 minutes I managed to get the fish moving
again, and after a tricky battle landed
a beautiful zip linear of 30lb 8oz. After
replacing the rod back on the spot I
had another scaly mirror of 28lb 10oz.
The fish were now really on the bait,
as a couple of hours later at dinner
time my other hotspot produced a
fish of 34lb 9oz, and after such a great
morning’s fishing I felt slightly better
about losing the Slate.
My next couple of sessions were
spent on Peg 1, as I really had the
hotspots primed now and fish were
regularly visiting the areas.
I enjoyed some good success again
in my next couple of sessions, resulting in some more captures along with
another of the Christchurch residents,
Baby Poolie’s at 36lb 6oz and Single
Scale... At 35lb 5oz, which were both
caught in a morning on hinged stiff
rigs with a spicy fishmeal pop-up. The
next couple of sessions saw me struggling to get back onto peg 1, so I was
now focusing on a swim opposite
called the Bacon, which had two very
nice gravel areas out in front. It was a
must to be on the cleaner bits of
gravel, as I had proved time and time
again. I used to put three rods to
these spots, and it was always the
middle rod that produced the takes.
On a previous session I had eight
bites all off the rod on the clean
gravel; the other two rods were a foot
either side and I could not buy a bite.


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