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Baitzone Groundbait Tips
Baitzone GroundbaitTips
By Tim Childs
aitzone have a number of different
groundbait type
mixes in their range at
present including various coloured and
flavoured variations. These fine premixed baits come in their usual threelitre sized tubs, suitable for a number
of different applications from method
mixes or adding to a sloppy zig type
spod mix, PVA bags or even bagging
waggler type fishing. Without a doubt
groundbaits have a place in today’s
modern day carp fishing, especially
on some of the heavier stocked day
ticket fisheries.
I have to say my experiments with
groundbait type mixes has been limited in the last few years, but back in
2002 I had considerable success
Baitzone groundbaits come in a
using nut type groundbaits in the
winter. Some sessions would see me
balling up 50 or so tangerine sized
baits and then after dark sneaking
around to the far bank to lace the
margins with them. This tactic
proved to be a killer, and was certainly something new on the venue.
The fish went crazy for the nutty
cereal mix, and even during January I
managed bites when everyone else
struggled. On the strength of this I
tried the groundbaiting method on a
couple of other venues and immediately saw how effective it was, especially on some of the clearer pits
where clouding the water brought an
instant response from the carp.
Groundbaits in general are perhaps
underused in carp fishing by the
majority of anglers, but with some
thought and imagination a number of
Hemp goes with any mix.
Liquids such as the Stik Quids from
Richworth make great additions.
Mix the groundbait until you get the
correct consistency.
Adding your groundbait to water.
Pellets of all types can be used.
Mix in pellets, hemp or any additional


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