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Baitzone Groundbait Tips
Add any additional liquids.
Sloppy zig mix ready to spod.
attractive and stimulating mixes can
be created with excellent results. As
well as carp, obviously these groundbaits are suitable for a wide range of
species, so whatever your preferred
quarry you can utilise any of the
groundbaits in your angling.
When it comes to applying groundbait then obviously a little thought
has to be used to get the best from it.
Margin or close range fishing is simple enough, but unless you have use
of a boat then applying groundbaits
at range is a little trickier. There are
one or two excellent purpose
designed catapults on the market that
are worth a look. Also using a sturdy
landing net pole with a scoop or baiting spoon attached to the end can be
effective. Firing them out takes some
practise but it’s achievable. For longer
range, then the popular casting
pouches or ‘Berts’ as they are locally
known make baiting up at range with
groundbait balls easy.
One of the most popular uses of
groundbaits is when fishing zig rigs.
By mixing your groundbait with a
good quantity of lake water a sloppy
soup type mix can be made – ideal for
spodding over suspended type baits.
There are loads of additional additives
that can be added to this mix from
pellets, liquid attractors, particles and
boilie crumb, creating a unique
bucket of slop that will draw fish into
your area. It’s clear to see why this
method has been so successful on the
completion circuit and just how you
can create a feeding frenzy when
groundbait is applied correctly.
Method mixes and spod mixes all
work well with groundbaits and the
ingredients you can use are almost
As we head into 2013, Baitzone
have a number of exciting new products in the pipeline including a range
of liquid additives ideal for using with
their groundbaits and spod mixes.
Rest assured you’ll be hearing about
them here soon.
For more information on their range
of groundbaits take a look at the Baitzone website at
Balled up and ready to go.
Colouring the water up with groundbait helped fool this margin caught chunk.


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